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As part of our commitment to our core values to live in Community Bible Fellowship Groups help us to enrich our relationship with God and connect to the life and fellowship of the church. We offer classes on campus for all ages as well as off campus Short-Term Study Groups. - See more at:
As part of our commitment to our core values to live in Community Bible Fellowship Groups help us to enrich our relationship with God and connect to the life and fellowship of the church. We offer classes on campus for all ages as well as off campus Short-Term Study Groups. - See more at:
As part of our commitment to our core values to live in Community Bible Fellowship Groups help us to enrich our relationship with God and connect to the life and fellowship of the church. We offer classes on campus for all ages as well as off campus Short-Term Study Groups - See more at:
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Today's Events
Week of June 3, 2018

2805 El Camino Ave / Sacramento 95821
916 488-1522

Bible Study 9:00 am Worship 10:30 am

Our Vision:
To be a family of love reaching up to God and out to the world through effective worship, Bible study, outreach, mission support and ministry to the needy.

Our Aim:
To ensure that every aspect of the life, purpose, and work of our church will reflect and facilitate ...


What's happening June 3 - 9

Sunday's Message
June 3, 2018



There is a 1,600 year old Roman chalice in the British Museum bearing the image of Lycurgus the supposed king of Thrace who scorned Dionysus the god of wine.  As punishment Dionysus caused vines to ensnare Lycurgus and cast him into Hades.  Many ancient cups bear Lycurgus’ image being ensnared by the vines to show the danger of ignoring the god of wine! The strange thing about the cup in the British museum is that when you shine a light on the front of the cup it is jade green.  When you shine the light on the back of the cup it is blood red.  The cup also changes colors depending on what king of liquid is in it.  Recently scientists discovered the secret of the cup.  It is impregnated with gold and silver flakes.  Each flake is fifty nanometers in diameter or 1/1000 the size of table salt.  This makes the ancient Romans experts in nanotechnology!  It was a special cup for a special king!

Paul wrote to Timothy that Christians need to be special vessels for our Lord.  Sunday I’m preaching on “BE AN HONORABLE VESSEL” from 2 Timothy 2:14-22.  Paul wrote that we need to concentrate on God’s word, “accurately handling the word of truth,” and to concentrate on being a pure “vessel of honor.”  When we have the same immorality as the world we have nothing to offer the world.  Also, immorality grieves God, it saddens us and destroys families, churches and nations.  Only Satan and his demons profit from Christian immorality.
Please attend church Sunday and be inspired to be a pure vessel.

By the way, Saturday at 7:00 a.m. at our Men’s Breakfast I’ll give a devotion on “How to Have an Awesome Summer” from Psalm 24.  We’ll also pray, sing and eat the best bacon west of the Mississippi.  We’d love to have you men in attendance!


With love in Christ,
Dr. Jim Meek


lisen to ►Digging Deeper with Dr. Jim Meek


Each Sunday our services are recorded on DVD and can be purchased for $5.
Call Jim Moore at (916) 966-2895 or the church office at (916) 488-1522.



Sundays 9:00 am
Bible Study for all ages

Sundays 10:30 am

Worship Celebration

Sundays 11:00 am
Children's Church

Wednesdays 6:30 pm
Bible Study for all ages


Highlights of activities coming your way soon.

June 2    Men's Breakfast 7:00 am
June 3    Missions Meeting 1:00 pm
June 3    Teachers Bible Study 5:30 pm
June 5    Building & Grounds Meeting 6:00 pm
June 5    Personnel Meeting 6:30 pm
June 9    Womens Breakfast 8:30 am
June 9    VBS Info Meeting 10:00 am
June 10  Church Council Meeting 6:00 pm


Each Thursday from 3-5 pm Pastor Jim will lead a visitation team out into our community. If you are interested in joining us, show up at the church office no later than 2:50 pm.


For your convenience, you may use your digital device to view this Sunday's bulletin.

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June 3, 2018

Joseph, Marina, Thenujen, Kaylynn, Ali, Malachi, and Sienna, each did a wonderful job last night serving Wednesday Night Dinner.  Each was willing to learn and stepped up to the plate when called upon.  We are truly blessed to have such fantastic students and families at our church.

Theresa, Arlinda, Betty, Betty, and Judy blessed our ministry by providing the exceptional food last night.  From our ministry to yours, we cannot thank you enough for the work you put in to make the dinner easy to serve and tasty to eat.

We are gearing up for the Mexico Mission Trip (two weeks left!), Summer Camp (only four weeks away!), VBS (five weeks!) and preparing ourselves for the excitement to come.  This will be a busy summer for our Youth Ministry and my family.  Each and every moment at these events is a blessing to be a part of, and we look forward to being involved in each.

I find myself acting as Martha and feeling as Mary (Luke 10:38-42).  Due to my own inexperience, I am running around crazy “distracted by all the preparations that have to be made,” and yet, I am invigorated by the challenge God has entrusted me with and worship him even more in my inexperience for wisdom and guidance.  God has used this time to shape my ministry, calling and heart to lean on him more and trust his bride with the work being brought to me.  In my life, I cannot remember a heart yanking, voice-in-the-stillness, come-to-Jesus moment, that brought me to Christ, but I can recall many times when God has strategically used challenges and the desires of my character to pull me closer to Him.  I thank God that he works in mysterious ways, and for his personal involvement in salvation.

Upcoming Lessons:

  • Sunday 6/3: Luke 10:1-24: “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few”
  • Wednesday 6/6: Daniel: the story of a man with his head in the clouds.

Event Updates:

  • July 2nd-7th: Centrifuge Summer Camp
  • July 9th-13th: Game On! Vacation Bible School

Prayer Requests:

  • Mexico Mission Trip: We have some students joining us for the first time!
  • Summer Camp: It’s coming up fast!
  • School is almost out!: Each of our students wish to join with their church in praise over the end of another school year, and ask for prayer for the summer and school that is to come.

Greg Horton
Youth Director




JUNE 2, 2018
7:00 am
Fellowship Hall

We will have a devotion on“How to Have an Awesome Summer” from Psalm 24.  We’ll also pray, sing and eat the best bacon west of the Mississippi.  We’d love to have you men in attendance!


The missions and evangelism team is gearing up for this Summer's activities. Everyone is looking forward to the church's participation in the Annual Arden-Arcade 4th of July Parade. Each year, we enter a float in the parade to promote our church and Vacation Bible School to our community. It is a great opportunity for us to spotlight our church to the community in this very visible venue. We do our very best to provide a service to our community through offering family-friendly activities and a safe place for our children to thrive.

July 4, 2018
7:00 am
Meet at the church for last minute preparations

These are a few things that we need in preparation for the parade:

►A trailer: About 6x12 2 foot high sides
►4 red wagons used to hold water bottles
►Ice (needed for July 4-5)
►Paper towel tubes

If you want to help with the preparations for the parade a sign up is available in the church lobby.

June 23, 2018
7:00 am

In addition, to aid us in promoting our church and Vacation Bible School we hold an Annual Yard Sale. The proceeds from the Yard Sale will help fund our Vacation Bible School. Anyone who would like to donate items for sale may call the church office to find out where to drop off their donations, (916) 488-1522.


JULY 9-13, 2018
5:30 am -8:30 pm

Finally, Vacation Bible School, the culmination of our efforts and prayers to reach God's Good News to every family in our community. Our Bible School will provide Bible Study for all age groups, crafts, music, snacks and recreation. We are enrolling students now



JUNE 15-22 2018


Last but not least, our Missions Team is heading off to partner with Pastor Carlos of La Roca Ministries of Tijuana, Mexico. The team will spend several days helping the La Roca Missionaries work in the field to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of men, women, and children in the local area.

La Roca Ministries reaches out to touch people’s lives that are devastated by poverty, neglect, and despair. These people find themselves enslaved to drugs and alcohol and living in the streets of Tijuana, Mexico. Our desire is to mirror Christ’s compassion and concern to these people.

It has been said, “give a person a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a life.” We believed in “teaching people how to fish”. We want to see lives transformed and we believe that comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our program seeks to help rebuild lives by making disciples; raising up men, women, and teens as future leaders and missionaries, and sending them forth to advance the Kingdom of God on earth. Thank you for your prayers and financial support. You are making a difference today and for eternity! ≈ Pastor Carlos



Cinco de Mayo Funwatch our video




I Will Offer to God My Spiritual Worship with My Financial Gifts


And God is able to make all grace abound to you, to have all sufficiency in all things at all times.     2 Corinthians 9:8


Remember to support our Southern Baptist work with your financial gifts as well as through prayer. Strengthening the souls of the disciples, encouraging them to continue in the faith and saying that through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God. Acts 14:22


California Southern Baptist ConventionNEWSLETTER

Pray for CSBC summer ministries blessings
Help retired servants through Mission:Dignity


Sacramento Region Baptist Network ►NEWSLETTER

Pray for CSBC summer ministries blessings
SRBN Senior Adult Conference coming this Fall in September

5 Ways to Engage Your Community through Existing Events by Josh Presley for LifeWay Pastors


Heart of Ukraine Ministries
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Beautifully Broken - Coming to theaters August 24th, is a true story about the Legacy Mission Villagein Nashville, TN. It is the story of how it came to be and the work it does today. Three Families in two different worlds - US and Africa - are connected and so many lives changed because of it. Watch the trailer here

An Interview With God - a movie coming to theaters via Fathom events August 20-22. WHAT WOULD YOU ASK God if you were sitting across the table from Him? The website and trailer are coming soon.

The Trump Prophecy - In theaters October 2 & 4.
More information here.

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