Be an Honorable Vessel 6.3.18

Sunday's Message
June 3, 2018



There is a 1,600 year old Roman chalice in the British Museum bearing the image of Lycurgus the supposed king of Thrace who scorned Dionysus the god of wine.  As punishment Dionysus caused vines to ensnare Lycurgus and cast him into Hades.  Many ancient cups bear Lycurgus’ image being ensnared by the vines to show the danger of ignoring the god of wine! The strange thing about the cup in the British museum is that when you shine a light on the front of the cup it is jade green.  When you shine the light on the back of the cup it is blood red.  The cup also changes colors depending on what king of liquid is in it.  Recently scientists discovered the secret of the cup.  It is impregnated with gold and silver flakes.  Each flake is fifty nanometers in diameter or 1/1000 the size of table salt.  This makes the ancient Romans experts in nanotechnology!  It was a special cup for a special king!

Paul wrote to Timothy that Christians need to be special vessels for our Lord.  Sunday I’m preaching on “BE AN HONORABLE VESSEL” from 2 Timothy 2:14-22.  Paul wrote that we need to concentrate on God’s word, “accurately handling the word of truth,” and to concentrate on being a pure “vessel of honor.”  When we have the same immorality as the world we have nothing to offer the world.  Also, immorality grieves God, it saddens us and destroys families, churches and nations.  Only Satan and his demons profit from Christian immorality.
Please attend church Sunday and be inspired to be a pure vessel.

By the way, Saturday at 7:00 a.m. at our Men’s Breakfast I’ll give a devotion on “How to Have an Awesome Summer” from Psalm 24.  We’ll also pray, sing and eat the best bacon west of the Mississippi.  We’d love to have you men in attendance!


With love in Christ,
Dr. Jim Meek