Be Free With Creation 7.15.18

Sunday's Message
July 15, 2018



I just got out of the hospital Tuesday night.  I’m a type A personality, so staying in a hospital bed was tough on me.  But on Tuesday I looked out the hospital window and I saw the rising sun over Sacramento. From the 11th floor of UC Davis Hospital Sacramento looks like a carpet of trees.  In the evening I could see the setting sun over the skyline, with the Capitol Building in its midst. Both sights were truly inspiring. Nature’s display heartened me with its testimony of the caring hand of our Creative Lord.


Though our world is beautiful, it’s still hurting. It’s a fallen world, but it will be set free when Jesus comes again. It will be set free when Jesus gives us new bodies for a new heaven and earth. As soon as a Christian dies he goes to heaven (2 Corinthians 5:6-9), but when Jesus comes again he’ll bring our spirits with him, then he’ll unite our spirits with our new bodies (1 Thessalonians 4:14-17). We will be set free with our new bodies when all of creation is set free in its newness. The earth and your pastor may groan in our old bodies, but we can look forward to an eternally new creation. Let’s invite as many people as possible to join us so they can be made new now and forever! Sunday I’m preaching on “Be Free with Creation” from Romans 8:10-23.


We’ve had a wonderful week of Vacation Bible School! My thanks to all the people who’ve worked so hard to teach children, youth and adults to be set free!





Dr. Jim Meek