Be Truly Free 7.22.18

Sunday's Message
July 22, 2018



When I was a child I loved when my pastor preached from the Old Testament.  The stories of floods, journeys, wars, kings, queens and soldiers fascinated me.  So, when someone gave me a book called, The Saving Life of Christ by Major W. Ian Thomas, I was enraptured.  It used the analogy of Moses leading Israel out of Egyptian slavery as being similar to people who are born again.  They become free.  But Israel, though it had enough faith to leave Egypt, didn’t have enough faith to enter the Promised Land.  Likewise, many Christians have enough faith to be born again, but don’t have enough faith to enter the Spirit-filled life.  They wander aimlessly in a meaningless existence just like the Israelites wandered in the desert. They were not truly free.

We need to enter the land oozing with milk and honey.  This Promised Land is often depicted in our gospel songs as being symbolic of heaven.  But heaven won’t have walled cities and giant enemies like the Promised Land did.  However, the Spirit-filled life has barriers and opposition which can only be overcome by faith in God’s grace.  When we have faith then we become truly free.  The walls tumble down and the giants fall with a rock firmly planted in their heads!

Sunday I’m preaching on “Be Truly Free” from John 8:28-36.  In order to enter the Promised Land of the Spirit-filled life we need to know the liberator, Jesus (the same name as Joshua in the Hebrew).  And we need to be freed by the truth.  The truth is we can’t be free on our own, but Jesus can bring us into freedom – the freedom of him working in, through and around us.  We can know the freedom of doing what we want to do, knowing that what we want to do is what we should do.  It’s what Jesus plants in our hearts and does through us.  It’s the greatest freedom of all!


With love in Christ,
Dr. Jim Meek