Don't Let People Rob You of Freedom 7.8.18

Sunday's Message
July 8, 2018


Children potentially develop morally in stages.  They begin by doing the right thing so that they won’t be punished or so they’ll be rewarded.  Then they grow into doing the right thing because “it’s the law.”  They then grow so they’ll do the right thing because it’s right.  However, some people don’t develop morally.  Thus it’s our job to help them in their moral development to where they do good things not because they have to, but because they are free.  For example, imagine you have a child who does the dishes because he has to do them.  Then imagine that child growing morally until he does the dishes because he wants to do the right thing.  He is good because he is free to be good.  Likewise, good Christians aren’t good because they have to or because it’s the law, but because they want to be good.  They are free to be good!  

Sunday I’m preaching on “Don’t Let People Rob You of Freedom” from Galatians 5:1-10.  Jewish Christians who taught that all believers must keep the Old Testament Law are called Judaizers.  They had gone to Galatia in modern day Turkey after Paul had started churches there.  They were convincing the Galatians to follow the Law instead of living by grace.  Thus Paul wrote his famous letter in defense of freedom.  His theme was that we must let the Holy Spirit free us from the Law in order to live through us.  Following the Spirit who wrote the Law is  more dynamic and life-changing than following the letter of the Law.  People will try to get us to live by Law, but we must not let them rob us of the joy of living freely through the power of the Holy Spirit!  Please join us Sunday as we learn to be free in Christ.

Saturday in the Men’s Breakfast at 6:00 I’ll give a brief devotion on being good citizens.  If you’re male, please come!

By the way, I hope, America, that you had a happy birthday!

Jim Meek