Enjoy the Prospects of Heaven 8.19.18

Sunday's Message
August 19, 2018


Friends and family!  What an awesome combination!  Last Sunday my oldest son, his wife and their children showed up for worship at El Camino Baptist Church.  When I saw my oldest grandson I started crying with joy.  Then I discovered that two couples showed up from the church in Reno where I was pastor.  I hadn’t seen them in over 30 years!  Then I cried again!  The next day two people from my church in Livermore came over for lunch.  The next morning a widow from Livermore texted me and my former secretary from Livermore phoned me.  Today I’m thinking about how wonderful heaven will be when I’ll be with all my friends from all the churches where I’ve been pastor.  Plus I’ll be with my wonderful family.  I remember talking with my mom about heaven before she died.  I’m so looking forward to heaven, and I’m working through God’s power to take as many people as possible with me!

Sunday I’m preaching on “Enjoy the Prospects of Heaven” from John 14:1-13.  Jesus has just had the Lord’s Supper with his disciples, and he’s speaking to them about assurance of heaven, about who he is and how he’ll answer their prayers.  You see, heaven is where Jesus will be in all his love and glory.  To know him is to know heaven.  And to know him is to have the very resources of heaven for answering your prayers.  This is the essence of joy!

I loved teaching in Sunday School and preaching at El Camino last Sunday!  And I’m looking forward to teaching this Wednesday night as we dig deeper into the greatest book ever written: The Good News According to John.

With love in Christ,
Dr. Jim Meek