Express Your Thanks 11.4.18

Sunday's Message
November 4, 2018



My mother was married and divorced before she met the man who eventually became my dad.  Therefore I had a sister who was much older than me.  Her name was Kay.  My mother would tell me how Kay never showed gratitude when she opened her Christmas presents.  It would hurt my mom’s feelings.  So one day she said, “Kay, if you don’t show appreciation for your presents this year then I’ll never get you another Christmas present again.”  Wide-eyed I asked, “Did she show appreciation?”  My mom replied, “She tried.”  This was in contrast to my other sister and me.  We always showed amazement at how awesome our presents were.  It probably inspired my parents to give even more lavishly to us.


I believe that when we show gratitude for what God gives us it inspires him to be even more generous.  But our main reason for giving thanks should be to please God.


Sunday I’m preaching on “Express Your Thanks” from Psalm 107:1-16 wherein the psalmist has returned from the Babylonian exile and leads Israel in thanksgiving.  The psalm was probably sung as the Jewish pilgrims ascended Mount Zion during the holidays while playing instruments and dancing before God.


Our nation needs to sing songs of thanksgiving to God.  So
does our state, cities and families.  Instead of criticizing and complaining we need to sing with a grateful heart.


Join us Sunday.  Sing with us, listen with us and give thanks with us.  Gratitude towards God needs to be private but also public.  This was how the psalmists gave thanks.


This Saturday men should come to our Men’s Breakfast at 7:00 in the Fellowship Hall.  Todd Wallace from Good Shepherd Church will give a devotion.  He’s an awesome pastor!  I want him to see how wonderful our men are, so please come and help us offer thanks to God.


Dr. Jim Meek