Follow Jesus Into Self Denial 10.7.18

Sunday's Message
October 7, 2018


Nancie and I recently returned from L.A.  We went to the Broad Museum which has some of the world’s greatest works by modern artists.  There is a huge painting called, “Deutschlands Geistesheldon” by Anselm Keifer.  It causes the viewer to stand in a large hall evocative of a hunting lodge where Nazis kept stolen paintings during World War II.  The names of great German artists are written on the painting, artists who encouraged the view of Aryan supremacy.  To me the hall looked like the place where Holocaust victims were taken.  Keifer was commenting on the tragedy of racism.

Racism comes from selfishness.  Every sin comes from selfishness.  Our nation seems to be drowning in selfishness.  It’s swamping families, schools, workplaces, communities and churches. 

This Sunday I’m preaching on “Follow Jesus into Self Denial” from Luke 9:23-27.  Jesus has a simple solution for selfishness.  Die to self.  How do we do that?  Forget about self and focus on God and others.  Why?  So God can be happy, we can be happy and so we can make others happy through God’s power.  Only Satan benefits when we’re selfish.  Please come Sunday and help us forget about ourselves.

Also, men, don’t forget our Men’s Prayer Breakfast this Saturday, October 6, at 7:00.  We’ll have great food and fellowship and a wonderful devotion by Ed Stewart.  I’ll lead in the prayer time and Ron Holmes will lead in singing.

With love in Christ,
Dr. Jim Meek