God Is A Perfect Judge 9.30.18

September 30, 2018
Youth Ministry Update


Old Testament Minor Prophet #9 is up.  His story is similar to 1-8: Israel/Judah you need to repent; Assyria/Babylon is comin’ to git’cha; God will restore his people.  What’s special about the message of the prophet Zephaniah, haven’t we heard this same story about a dozen times so far?

Zephaniah was preaching during the final years of freedom for the kingdom of Judah to a nation whose king was desperately trying to redeem his people in God’s eyes.  Zephaniah’s predictions were that the king was far too late, the habitual rebellion far too entrenched, and that God would enact his justice soon.  Where Habakkuk asked how God could use evil nations to destroy evil, Zephaniah accepts this as God’s judgement of his people.  God’s wrath acts as purifying fire for his people, and eventually all people groups, to burn away the impurities and leave behind only those capable of living in the new Heaven and new Earth God has prepared.  Zephaniah specifically calls upon Jews of his day to separate themselves from the ways of their nation, so they may be spared God’s wrath.  This is Zephaniah’s challenge, warning and example for us.

How is it fair that God could sentence and destroy complete nations, what gives Him the right?  We, with our human limitations, cannot accurately judge another human in their entirety.  We can judge someone’s actions, and God calls us to do so, but we are not capable of knowing enough about even ourselves to judge our own worth.  We are left with the value God places upon us and His omniscience to provide his accurate judgement.  God commands us to love everyone and to encourage everyone into right relationship with Him, not to decide who is worthy of His or our love.  God’s knowledge and power are what give him the right to destroy (see Sodom and Gamora or the Noah era flood).  He can look upon a human soul and know how to appropriately judge that individual.  We must always guard ourselves from the sin of thinking we are God and that we have the right to determine who is or isn’t worthy.

Upcoming Lessons:

  • Sunday 9/30
    • Luke 13:6-17: Fruitfulness… what is human fruit anyway?
    • PDYM Part 1:  Define Purpose
  • Wednesday 10/3: The Book of Haggai: Can you do the Haggai Challenge.

Event Updates:

  • Ignition: December 26-30
    • First payment due by 9/30.

Prayer Requests:

  • Ignition: This is a great event for our students to attend, but this year it is in L.A. and will be very expensive to go to.  I’ve spoken with many current and previous youth leaders, and they have all expressed how valuable this event is for students.  We pray for God to provide opportunities for our students to raise money to go.
  • School: The students have all started school, and many of them have come to me with praise stories about how the school year is going so far.  Please pray and praise God for His provision.

Greg Horton
Youth Director