God's Plan of Redemption Through a Messianic King 4.29.18


April 29, 2018


The book of Isaiah is a collection of prophecy combining warnings of the future destruction and the exile to come, with hope for a redemptive messianic king.  In this book we see parallels to: Noah’s story of watery destruction leaving behind a seed of God’s creation to carry on; Moses’s warnings to Pharaoh leading to plagues, and Pharaoh hardening his heart; and, Joshua’s leading of the remnant of the Israelites out of the wilderness after experiencing God’s judgement.  The people of Israel, during the period of the Kings (1 & 2 Kings, 1 & 2 Chronicles) were being lead into sin by the sinful kings they chose.  God warned Israel through Isaiah that continued disobedience would lead to destruction and exile but told Isaiah that his warnings would cause the people to harden their hearts instead of seek repentance.  So, Isaiah’s prophecies came to pass.  Many years after Isaiah’s death, the nation of Assyria swooped in and conquered Israel and carried of much of its people into exile.  The Assyrians were followed by the Babylonians who conquered the Assyrian territory as well as the remainder of the Israelites.

Fortunately for Israel, God’s whisperings to Isaiah did not stop there.  Isaiah prophesied that Assyria and Babylon would be punished for their deeds against Israel, and that a remnant would return to rebuild the nation.  Isaiah spoke of a king that would arise, serve his people, be sacrificed and live again.  We see these events also coming true in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah as Persia has conquered Babylon and begins to not only release the Israelites, but to also fund the rebuilding of Jerusalem.  The prophesied king works out to be clear picture of our resurrected Lord.  With each of these prophecies coming true we are left with a final promise of a kingdom to come where all nations would gather under God and the wicked would be cast out.  We can hold to this last prophecy by the faithfulness of God and the prophecies He has already fulfilled.

Upcoming Lessons:

  • Sunday 4/29: Luke 9:43.5-50: All Capital “T” Truth, is God’s Truth.
  • Wednesday 5/2: Jeremiah:  ~Jerusalem is falling down, falling down, falling down, my fair lady~

Event Updates:

  • May 30th: Youth Cooks Wednesday Night Dinner!

Prayer Requests:

  • Summer Camp: It’s coming!  We’ve currently got three youth and two adults going, but we need the funds to go, and would love to bring more with us.  Please pray that more would come to join us and that we can afford to take them.
  • Consistency: My mind is mercurial, my body is unfocused, my spirit is wandering, my God is strong, and I pray that I would have greater focus upon him.
  • Arden Middle School: I am preparing to work with our neighborhood churches to make a concentrated effort to reach Arden Middle school.  I pray that the planning would be for God’s glory and not in vain, and that this may be His will and not ours.

Greg Horton
Youth Directory