Honor God, Parents & Others 6.17.18

Sunday's Message
June 17, 2018



Philip II of Macedon conquered Greece.  His son pleaded with his dad to leave kingdoms for him to conquer.  That son was Alexander the Great.  Alexander’s mom wasn’t Macedonian.  Later Philip marred a Macedonian and during the wedding feast a general prayed that Philip would have a legitimate (fully Macedonian) heir.  Alexander threw a cup at the general and cried, “You villain!”  A drunken Philip rose to strike his own son but in doing so slipped and fell.  Alexander, standing over his father said, “He who plans to go from Europe to Asia cannot go from one chair to another.”  Philip ended up being poisoned to death.  His heir, Alexander, conquered the largest empire carved by one man at that time.  But he died in a drunken stupor and his kingdom was broken.  The man, like his father, had a drinking problem, and like his father failed to properly honor others.  Dishonor is like a plague that destroys societies.        

This Sunday (Father’s Day) I’m preaching on “Honor God, Parents and Others” from Exodus 20:1-17.  It’s the Ten Commandments!  Almost half of them are about honoring God and the other half about honoring others.  You can’t have one without the other!  The further we move from honoring God and others the more decadent we become.  Please, help save your family, our church and our nation!  Come Sunday and learn to honor others! 

Jim Meek