Honor the Church 6.24.18

Sunday's Message
June 24, 2018


I remember being in preschool on a Sunday night, crying in the lap of the worker.  The other kids were playing, having a great time but I was missing my Dad.  Suddenly at the end of church he looked through the window of the preschool door and my tears vanished.  I often think about the nobility of that nursery worker.  Her reward is great in heaven!
I remember walking down the aisle at the age of nine, giving my life to Jesus.
I remember walking down the aisle surrendering to full time Christian service when I was a freshman in college.  I led the congregational singing and served as a deacon at that church.
Now I’ve been a pastor for 41 years!
I’ve always loved the church.  I’ve always felt badly for people who didn’t go to church.  And I never understood Christians who fail to go to church.  The church is called the very bride and body of Christ.  To neglect the church is to neglect Christ!
Won’t you join me this Sunday as I preach on, “Honor the Church” from Philippians 1:1-11?  Paul wrote to his favorite church a letter of joy.  Let’s seek through God’s power to be like that church, a church that inspires joy!
Meanwhile, don’t forget our Business Meeting this Sunday night at 6:00 where we’ll consider new Bylaws.  Bring your favorite dessert to share in the foyer after the meeting.

Also, we need help with our 4th of July Parade wherein we’ll hand out flyers for Vacation Bible School.  July 3, at 6:00 p.m. we’ll have a Preparation Party where we’ll decorate the float.  By the way, let us know if you have a trailer we can borrow!  Then the next morning we’ll leave the church at 8:30 to join the festivities.  That night we’ll gather at 6:00.  Bring meat to barbecue and another dish to share.  We’ll play games, fellowship and celebrate our nation’s birth while honoring the Church which has done so much to make our nation great.

Jim Meek