How God Expects Us To React To Tragedy 5.13.18

May 12, 2018

As we continue our study of the bible, we have moved through this history books, law books, and wisdom books, and are now smack dab in the middle of the prophetic and poetry books.  Lamentations is from the latter group and is comprised of a collection of five poems looking back on the fall of Jerusalem and the exile of the Jews (by this time we are primarily talking about citizens of Judah) to Babylon.  If we look back upon the timeline provided from Genesis to 2 Chronicles, God has long since called his people, rescued them from slavery, made them into a nation, given them a king, and protected his people for 500 years, and yet his people have rebelled and been unfaithful often.  God promised through the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah, that if Israel and Judah did not repent, then he would remove his protection and allow each nation to be conquered; his people did not repent, and they were conquered.  Lamentations is a voice to the pain, anger and confusion of God’s people suffering under the consequences of their nation’s sin.

This book, though short, is not an easy read.  The graphic imagery reminds me of some of what I’ve read from Holocaust survivors.  The question is left: Why is this book in the bible?  I believe that we have Lamentations for the same reason we have Job, Ecclesiastes, and many of the Psalms; God wants us to see how he expects us to react to tragedy.  Each of the aforementioned books is bathed in the tragedy surrounding either their subject or their author, and in each case, we see God’s people cry out to God.  They test, challenge, accuse, cry, express anger, confusion, and pain.  God wants us to know that we can react this way.  We are called to take all things before the father, especially the good, the bad, and the ugly, because God desires to celebrate with us and to work with us through our troubles.  This book challenges us to always go to God in prayer, to never hold anger or sadness against God, and to always remember that God loves us, always.

Upcoming Lessons:

  • Sunday 5/13: It all becomes clear…
  • Wednesday 5/16: Ezekiel:

Event Updates:

  • May 30th: Youth Cooks Wednesday Night Dinner!
  • June 2nd: Vision Conference hosted by Church of Cypress

Prayer Requests:

  • Summer Camp: God has revealed to me a weekend that isn’t tied up in meetings or trips when we can do a carwash!  Please pray for us as we work to pay for summer camp.
  • Youth Ministry Team: We will be studying a leadership development book together for the purposes of preparing our youth ministry for growth.  Please pray God will lead us to what he wants for us to learn, and challenges us with how we must change.

Greg Horton
Youth Director