Isn't Jesus the "love and peace" guy, 9.9.18

Pulse Youth Updates:

Message from the Youth Leader:

Many of the Old Testament Minor Prophets repeat the same themes: Israel/Judah, you messed up bigtime; Assyria/Babylon is gonna gitcha; God will restore his people and honor his promises, just be patient. The book of Micah follows this pattern with some extra details. Micah prophesied around the times of Isaiah, before Assyria conquered Israel. He speaks of the people of his time using these words:

“[Israel’s] leaders judge for a bribe, her priests teach for a price, and her prophets tell fortunes for money. Yet they look for the Lord’s support and say, “Is not the Lord among us? No disaster will come upon us.” Therefore because of you, Zion will be plowed like a field, Jerusalem will become a heap of rubble, the temple hill a mound overgrown with thickets.” Micah 3:11-12

Israel’s leaders were more concerned with their own wealth than with the health of their nation. Had they truly been lead by the God they claimed to serve, they would have judged fairly, taught freely, and prophesied rightly with faith that God would provide for their well-being. Due to the leader’s failings, the nation of Israel would be destroyed. They were supposed to be God’s representatives to the people, and yet they proved to be using that reputation for their own benefit.

Micah’s rebukes should challenge us to examine our own motives. Do we listen to what we want to hear, teach who we feel like teaching, or judge based upon what seems more appealing to us, or do we seek God’s counsel in everything? God does not seek for us to be paralyzed in indecision, awaiting a guttural growl from heaven followed by “…thus sayeth the Lord!”, but He does seek us to be aware of His commands, open to His leading, and willing to submit to His authority. We should always be examining our motives that we be in alignment with who God has called us to be; we do not want to be in the Goat line come judgment day (Matthew 25:31-46).

Upcoming Lessons:

  • Sunday 9/9:

    • Luke 12:49-53: Division? Isn’t Jesus the “peace and love” guy?

    • PDYM Part 1: What does PDYM even mean?

  • Wednesday 9/12: The Book of Nahum: The fall of all “great” nations.

Event Updates:

  • September 8th: Lasertag Fellowship

  • September 15th-16th: End of Summer Lock-In

Prayer Requests:

  • Upcoming Events: There is much to do and little time to do it. I keep waiting for a rabbit with a pocket watch to show up. Pray for my leadership team’s peace with God’s timing.

  • School: The students have all started school, and many of them have come to me with praise stories about how the school year is going so far. Please pray and praise God for His provision.