Learn From Contrasting Teachers 9.23.18

Sunday's Message
September 23, 2018



When I was a student at ASU I had a variety of professors.  During one semester I had Dr. Kleinfeld at 8:00.  He taught Diplomatic History of Modern Europe.  He had a short black mustache and straight black hair.  He dressed neatly and spoke with great fervor while gesturing sharply.  He reminded me of a certain German leader during World War II!  After that I went to American Cultural History Class, Part 2 with Dr. Smith.  He was slightly overweight with a huge, unkempt beard.  His shirttail was barely tucked in and his tie was skinny with a pattern of faint silver and gold paisleys, looking as though he’d dropped over easy eggs on it.  He would stand before us and casually discuss history.  He reminded me of a hippie.  These two men provided a great contrast.  I would laugh at the contrast and learn from both of them in their unique style.

The Bible is full of contrasting teachers.  The grower of sycamore figs, Amos, probably sounded different than the prince of prophets, Isaiah.  I’m sure the apostle Paul sounded different from James.

Many times churches will call a pastor who is the opposite from the previous pastor, then they’ll dislike the new pastor because he’s different from the old one.

God speaks in diverse ways through diverse people.  Sunday I’m preaching on “Learn from Contrasting Teachers” from Matthew 11:7-19 wherein Jesus points out that John the Baptist preached and lived one way, and the Jewish leaders didn’t accept his message.  Jesus lived, sounded and looked different from John, and they didn’t accept his message either.

We must humble ourselves and learn from different kinds of preachers, teachers, books and social media outlets.  We must let God direct our learning and we must be open minded enough to learn from a variety of sources, just as Moses learned in the palace of Egypt, Daniel in the court of Babylon and Paul in the schools of Tarsus.  Thus God’s people have been able to impact the world for God.  Please come and learn with us Sunday and help us have an impact on eternity.

Meanwhile, get ready for our Ministry Faire on September 30.  I want everyone to go to Sunday School at 9:00.  We have wonderful classes for various ages and situations in life.  Then, attend worship at 10:30.  After worship we’ll have our potluck in the Fellowship Hall.  During and after the meal we can interact with the various Ministry Faire booths which will line the interior of the worship center.  If you are setting up a booth please do so on Saturday, September 29.  We’ll supply the table.  Please register with me beforehand at 925-784-0402.  And invite everyone to church so we might learn together!

Dr. Jim Meek