Let Go and Let God 10.7.18

October 7, 2018
Youth Ministry Update


“Give careful thought to your ways” (Haggai 1:7)

What God preserved of Haggai’s preaching is contained within two chapters, about a page and a half total, and yet his challenge to his generation is still poignant to God’s people today.  Haggai’s messages can be summed up in four questions:

  1. Are we so worried about our own wellbeing that we are neglecting the things of God?
  2. Are we tainting our work for Him by the impurity within our lives?
  3. Are we so concerned with our present conditions or abilities that we are unable to trust in God’s promised blessings?
  4. Are we able to wait for God to enact is final justice?

What we do and why we do it matter.  If we choose ourselves over God with our answers to any of the above questions, then we are just as the Israelites of Haggai’s day, and we haven’t learned more than they.  They returned to Israel from the Babylonian exile with the thought that they were about to enter God’s eternal promise of a messianic king and a restored temple, and yet, we know from biblical accounts alone that only five hundred years later, Jesus would be born into a captive Israel.  Far from the eternal kingdom that would be a blessing to all nations, Israel was dominated by Rome and actively hunted any challenge to their earthly power.  God’s own people, the people who had studied His word and knew Him best, rejected Him.  As we examine ourselves, we can either continue Israel’s cycle of rebellion, or we can choose Jesus.  We can “let go and let God” and be welcomed as a sheep of the flock, a joint heir with Jesus.  What a savior we have in Jesus, Amen.

Upcoming Lessons:

  • Sunday 10/7
    • Luke 13:18-30: Yeast, Mustard Seeds, and Doors… Oh, my!
    • PDYM Part 1:  Purpose Statements for Dummies
  • Wednesday 10/10: The Book of Zechariah: Are you ready to be part of God’s Kingdom?

Event Updates:

  • Ignition: December 26-30
    • First payment due by 9/30.

Prayer Requests:

  • Student Work Scholarship: We need work to do.  Please pray that people would be moved to assist our students in raising the money for Ignition.
  • Gratitude: I am not very good at expressing gratitude beyond those in front of me.  Please pray for me that I can be more appreciative of those who help from afar.  Our ministry would not exist were it not for God’s blessing through His church.

Greg Horton
Youth Director