Love Kids 2.25.18

Sunday's Message
February 25, 2017


This Sunday I’m preaching on “Love Kids” from 2 Chronicles 22:10-12.  In 842 BC Judah’s King Ahaziah was killed.  His mother Athaliah began to rule, killing her son’s offspring in order to secure her power.  However, her daughter Jehoshabeath protected Ahaziah’s baby, Joash.  She hid him from his power hungry grandmother for six years.  At the age of seven the boy was presented to Judah by Jehoshabeath’s husband, the priest Jehoiada.  The people made a covenant to follow the Lord and Joash.  Thus Joash became a godly king and a blessing to his nation.  Joash only survived because of God’s grace and the love of his aunt and uncle. 

Today our kids need love.  There are many dangers threatening them.  Not only are kids being shot in schools, but families are breaking up, family roles are confused, kids lack discipline, parents lack wisdom and families fail to have fun together.  In our technologically advanced age relationships are lacking.  Kids suffer from entitlement, poor education and a lack of perspective.  Drugs and alcohol are dragging them down.  But worse, godliness is being pushed while churches are marginalized and kids are drowning in a meaningless existence.  Selfishness has been promoted as a virtue in the face of Jesus’ commandment that we must deny ourselves, take up our crosses daily and follow him (Luke 9:23).

But all of these problems evaporate before the brightness of God’s love.  So let’s learn to let God love kids through us; not just our kids, but all kids.      

Church is a wonderful venue for loving kids.  Please sign up to teach on Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights and in Vacation Bible School.  Pray for kids and continue giving to our church as we minister to kids.  When we love kids it impacts America and eternity.  What could be more important?

With love in Christ,
Dr. Jim Meek