Love the Right Person 2.11.18

Sunday's Message
February 11, 2017


Nancie and I dated six years before we got married.  I was in seminary in Fort Worth, Texas while she was living with my parents in Scottsdale, Arizona.  One day after chapel I went to a bench amidst a grove of trees and asked God if I should marry Nancie.  He gave me a resounding, “Yes!”  I went home after school and Nancie called me.  Evidently I had written in a letter that if we were to get married that summer that we’d better start planning.  She read me that part of the letter and insisted that I should propose to her over the phone.  I said, “It’s hard.”  She said, “Just ask me.”  I said, as swiftly as possible, “Will-you-marry-me?”  She said, “Yes!  Yes!  Yes!”  The rest is history.  I asked her because I knew God wanted me to ask her.  How romantic!  But I knew I was marrying the right person because I knew it was from God!

We should love everyone through God’s power.  But we should have a special love for only the right person.  This Sunday I’m preaching on, “Love the Right Person” from Ruth 3:1-13.  It’s a wonderful though odd story about something wonderful: love.  Please come and learn what true love is all about.

This Sunday we’ll have the Lord’s Supper, the meal that celebrates God’s special love for us.  Please come.

With love in Christ,
Dr. Jim Meek