Love Your Nation 2.18.18

Sunday's Message
February 18, 2017


This month I’ve been preaching on “Love is the Theme.”  This Sunday I’ll preach on “Love Your Nation” from Exodus 32:7-14.  It’s about Moses on Mount Sinai.  He was on cloud nine!  All seemed well with the world.  But God could see what was going on at the base of the mountain.  His people were worshiping the golden calf saying that it was the god who had delivered them from Egypt.  God told Moses that he will destroy the people and make from Moses a great nation.  Unselfishly Moses cried out for God to save Israel.  The Lord responded to Moses’ prayer and spared the Children of Father Abraham.
During the Revolutionary War our nation’s founding father, Washington, was on the Palisades overlooking New York.  Cornwallis had just arrived with massive British troops.  But Washington was able to see God at work.  He said, “The hand of Providence has been so conspicuous in all this that he must be worse than an infidel that lacks faith and more than wicked that has not gratitude to acknowledge his obligations.”  He said that after he had fulfilled his duties as general he would turn preacher to let everyone know that it was God who had saved America.

We can love our nation as did Moses and Washington.  But like them we must pray to God and give him the glory.  The horrific events in the Florida school last Wednesday remind us of the need to pray passionately for our nation.  Come Sunday and help us do that.  Meanwhile, may you have a blessed Presidents’ Day.

With love in Christ,
Dr. Jim Meek