Get A New Attitude of Comfort 1.7.18

Sunday's Message
January 7, 2018


Attitude is everything.  Think about it.  Your attitude towards God determines whether or not you receive him as Lord and depend on him daily.  Your attitude towards your spouse determines whether or not you stay married.  Your attitude towards your children determines how much love they’ll receive and learn to give. Your attitude toward your job determines how effective you are.  Your attitude towards life determines whether or not you’ll be a positive or a negative influence.

This new year let’s have a new attitude!  Sunday I’m speaking on “Get a New Attitude of Comfort” from Isaiah 40:1-8.  Isaiah projected himself 150 years into the future where he imagined a captive people being allowed to go home from Babylon to Jerusalem.  They were to be comforted because God would accompany them so they could rebuild the temple.  It was in that temple that God would appear in the form of his Son!  Thus Isaiah foretold the ministry of John the Baptist who would prepare the way for the coming of the Lord.  Likewise, we should prepare people for the coming of the Lord.  He’s coming again.  He’s also coming into the hearts of all who call upon his name.  He’ll even come into our daily lives if we call upon him.  We should offer people a new attitude of comfort.  There are so many factors at work to discourage them.  We can offer the comfort of knowing the God of creation and eternal peace.     

I thank God for a great 2017.  And I’m thanking God for a greater 2018!


With love in Christ,
Dr, Jim Meek