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Humble Yourself Before God 3.11.18

Message from the Youth Leader:

          Last night we studied the book of Psalms.  Psalms contains 150 Hebrew poems and songs spanning the age of David through the Israelite return from Babylon.  There are two main themes that run throughout the book, lament for the situation the author is in, and praise to God for the good things that God has done.  The lesson of this book is to humble yourself before God.  When bad things happen, it is completely appropriate to be sad, to cry out to God.  When good things happen, we should seek to thank God for what he has done in our lives.  In each case we are called to avoid the trap of experiencing the feelings of joy and sadness and stopping there.  In our society that has denied God, we often see people whom get lost in grief or sadness and never seem to recover.  We also see those who seek after happiness and self-satisfaction without regard to the Source of true joy.

          God wants us to have these examples of how to respond to the good, the bad and the ugly of living in a fallen world.  God commended Job for wrestling with the loss of his wealth and family (Job) and He exemplified this wrestling when He himself was faced with the certainty of a painful death on the cross (Gospel accounts of the Garden of Gethsemane).  We must not be hindered by our pride from experiencing the trials and joys of this life, nor should we forget the source and sustainer of our life.  While our situations may change, God’s love is constant, and we can always take refuge and give thanks for that.

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Greg Horton
Youth Director