Walk In Triumph 3.25.18

Sunday's Message
March 25, 2018


This month I’ve been preaching on walking with Jesus.  Sunday I’m preaching on “Walk in Triumph” from Matthew 21:1-11.   

At the end of the movie, Patton, the general relates that victorious Caesars would have a triumphant parade through the streets of Rome.  In the emperor’s chariot stood a slave who held a laurel wreath above the conqueror’s head while whispering in his ear a warning that all glory is fleeting.  The laurel wreath was known to fade quickly.  In 1 Peter 5:4 the apostle wrote that dedicated Christians will receive a crown that never fades.  As we walk triumphantly with Jesus we have victory in our home, finances, health, work and relationships.  We will also have victory in heaven and the new heaven and earth.  Please join us this Palm Sunday as we contemplate being victorious with Jesus.  Included in our service will be our Children’s Musical, Christ the Lord is Risen Today.  Then, on Good Friday, we’ll experience the Stations of the Cross starting at 5:00 p.m.  The stations will be new, so come and invite others.   

This Saturday at 5:30 we’ll have a Memorial Service for Christ’s wonderful servant, Bill Raiford.  If you can help supply refreshments please call the church.     

Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem was a sneak preview of what it will be like when Jesus comes again in victory, bringing with him those who have served him.  I’m looking forward to being with Bill when those saints go marching in.

Jim Meek