Listen & Learn 9.16.18

Sunday's Message
September 16, 2018



Albert Camus was born in French Algeria.  His father was killed in World War I and he grew up in poverty.  Yet he became the second youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature.  He wrote novels, plays and essays in which he stated that life has no meaning but we must live as though it does.  His defining essay was “The Myth of Sisyphus” about the Greek figure in Hades who was condemned to eternally roll a rock up a hill only to see it roll back down.  His work was futile, but there was nobility in the struggle.  Camus believed that we likewise must find nobility in our struggles through life.  He said, “I’m not an atheist, but I don’t believe in God.”  What can such a man teach a Christian?  We learn that without God life is meaningless!  Camus’ writings make me glad to be a Christian where every work done for God’s glory and through his power has eternal purpose!

This Sunday I’m preaching on, “Listen & Learn” from Proverbs 22:17-29.  This section of Proverbs is called “Words of the Wise.”  It seems to be taken from the Egyptian writer Amenemopet.  God wants us to listen and learn from all kinds of sources, even pagan ones. Of course, everything should be submitted to the Holy Spirit and Scripture, but like Daniel who benefited from a Babylonian education and Paul who benefited from his education in a Greco-Roman-Hebraic world, we should bring all resources together in serving God.

Please come Sunday and listen and learn to see how God wants you to affect eternity.

Don’t forget that this Saturday we’re having our Men’s Breakfast at 7:00.  Dr. Herb Hooper will be giving the devotion, Ron Holmes will be leading the singing and I’ll be leading the prayer time.  I want to thank Joel Archer for leading our Prayer Breakfasts, and I want to thank the heroes who cook for us!

Also remember the Women’s Pool & Potluck Party Friday at 5:00 at 6141 Rampart Drive, Carmichael (the Lewis home).  Even if you don’t want to swim, you’ll have fun!

Jim Meek