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To be a family of love reaching up to God and out to the world through effective worship, Bible study, outreach, mission support and ministry to the needy.

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To ensure that every aspect of the life, purpose, and work of our church will reflect and facilitate,






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Sunday's Message
February 3, 2018



When I started a church in Reno, a young lady joined our church.  She said that another church wouldn’t perform her marriage to her fiancé because he wasn’t a Christian.  I said, “Maybe I can help him come to Jesus.”  So we met and he prayed to receive Christ, was baptized and joined our church.  They went through counseling and I did the marriage.  Thus they were able to obtain unifying love with each other, God and the church. 

I’ve done a wedding at a Monster Truck Rally, and I’ve done a Renaissance wedding while wearing a monk’s robes. I did these weddings so I could counsel with the couples and present the good news.  But the best weddings I led were for my son at a beach in Santa Cruz and for my daughter at a park in Santa Barbara.  I’ll never forget the look on my daughter’s face as I started to lead her down the aisle and as I turned around to unite her with her husband. 

All these weddings were about unifying love.

Sunday, after we have the Lord’s Supper, I’ll be preaching on “Pray for Unifying Love” from John 17:18-26.  Jesus and his disciples, after their Lord’s Supper, were moving from the upper room in Jerusalem, through the Kidron Valley to the east and to the Garden of Gethsemane on Mount Olivet.  In John 17 Jesus began his High Priestly Prayer in which, as the mediator between the Father and mankind, he prayed for unity.  His prayer is a role model to us.  Let’s pray for unifying love in our church, family, and world.  As we pray we will become a force for unifying love.  After all, what the world needs now is love, sweet !love


Men, don’t forget our Prayer Breakfast this Saturday at 7:00.  J.D. will lead a devotion, I’ll lead in a prayer time centered on love, and we’ll sing love songs to God.  O, yes, we’ll also eat!

With love in Christ,
Jim Meek






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February 3, 2019

We have only one lifetime in which choose our lord and savior, only one lifetime to go to others with this message.

“Abraham replied, ‘They have Moses and the Prophets; let [your brothers] listen to them.’

‘No, father Abraham,’ [the rich man] said, ‘but if someone from the dead goes to them, they will repent.’

“He said to him, ‘If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.’” Luke 16:29-31 NIV


These are the final lines of a parable entitled “The Rich Man and Lazarus”, taken from a series of parables “told to [Jesus’s] disciples” (Luke 16:1) with Pharisees in the audience (Luke 16:14).  In the parable we are introduced to two characters, the “rich man” and Lazarus (who would’ve guessed) and their differing experiences before and after death.  The rich man lived in luxury while Lazarus spent his days as a beggar.  Both men died, and Lazarus was taken by angels to Abraham, while the rich man was sent to Hell.  The rich man calls up to Abraham for Lazarus to be sent down to offer relief from the rich man’s torment.  Abraham explains that this is an impossible task and that the sentences of both men are just.  The rich man then asks Abraham to send Lazarus back to warn the rich man’s brothers, and Abraham responds with the quote above.

Once we have passed away we have lost two key opportunities we had in life; one is to choose Jesus’s forgiveness, and the other is the ability to influence others to do so.  Jesus was critiquing the Pharisees in his audience.  He had earlier claimed that they “loved money” and spent their time “justifying [themselves] in the eyes of men” Luke 16:14-15.  In the parable, Lazarus laid at the rich man’s gate, “covered in sores and longing to eat what fell from the rich man’s table”.  By the nature of the parable, we can deduce that the rich man did nothing to ease Lazarus’s suffering, though he probably passed by him every time he left his home.  Was the rich man living by the spirit of the Law given by Moses and the Prophets?  Was he loving God or others?  Based upon the rich man’s outcome, we can assume that he was not.  To the Pharisees, this was a call to have God be their master instead of their money or status.

We are both the disciples and the Pharisees in this audience.  As a warning to us, we must never worship the blessings, but should always be worshiping the Provider.  As a reminder to us, we must always be willing to sacrifice of ourselves to show Christ’s love to those around us, especially the lost, the hurt, and the downtrodden.  We are the Lazarus, resurrected from our old lives, reaching back to our brothers to bring them to Christ’s forgiveness, and our brothers are the rich men for whom someone returning from the dead is just a meaningless piece of fantasy.  There is a heaven and a hell, and our choices in life determine our lives in eternity.  We have only one lifetime in which choose our lord and savior, only one lifetime to go to others with this message.  We do not want to be in the position of the rich man, wishing we had a second chance…

Upcoming Lessons:

  • Sunday 2/3:
    • Congrats, You’re Gifted: With an abundance of Abilities
    • Jesus and the Early Church: Luke 17:1-10: Increase our faith!
  • Wednesday 2/6:

Event Updates:

  • $60 Deposit for Centrifuge Summer Camp Due 2/1/19
  • Café Valentino, Wednesday, 2/13/2019, 5:30pm

Prayer Requests:

  • Stronger Bonds: I believe that we have been heavily focused upon discipleship on Sundays and Wednesdays at the cost of the real bonds of fellowship with believers.  Please pray that God can help us bring these invaluable purposes back into balance.
  • Wisdom: There is a great wave of interest in finding safe places for teenagers to hang out… God may be nudging us to ride this wave, but we will need God’s wisdom not to wipe out or chicken out.

Greg Horton
Youth Director


Highlights of activities coming your way soon.

Feb 2    Men's Prayer Breakfast, 7:00 am
Feb 3    Lord's Supper, 10:30 am
Feb 7    Nominating Meeting, 5:30 pm
Feb 7    Long Range Meeting, 6:30 pm
Feb 9    Women's Breakfast, 8:30 am
Feb 9    Mexico Mission Trip Meeting, 3:00 pm
Feb 13  Cafe Valentino, 5:30 pm
Feb 22  Children's Skate Night, 1:00 pm


Wednesdays At El Camino

February 6, 2019
Fellowship Hall

Come Wednesday nights for wonderful meals &
Great Bible studies for adults, children, youth, & young adults

This Wednesday we will serve Spaghetti & Meatballs with salad & bread
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Each Thursday from 3-5 pm Pastor Jim will lead a visitation team out into our community. If you are interested in joining us, show up at the church office no later than 2:50 pm.


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February 2, 2019
7:00 am
Fellowship Hall

Come and Enjoy the Food & Fellowship!

J.D. will lead a devotion and pastor Jim will lead in a prayer time centered on love, and we’ll sing love songs to God.  O, yes, we’ll also eat!

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February 9, 2019
8:30 am
Fellowship Hall

Come and Enjoy the Food & Fellowship!

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February 9, 2019
3:00 pm
Conference Room

A special meeting is scheduled for February 9 at 3:00 pm for those planning to attend the trip. If you want to know more about the trip, contact Kim Horton.

JUNE 8-15


CAFE VALENTINO Youth Fundraiser

February 13, 2019
5:30 pm
Fellowship Hall





Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.   2 Corinthians 9:7




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Winter Youth Retreat 2019 at Jenness
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Pastors, Ministers & wives. It's time to get away to get refreshed.

JENESS PARK Part of our mission at Jenness Park is to “Restore His Servants”... read more




3 Ways to Keep Your Listener's Attention as You Preach  by Rick Warren
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Four Easy Steps to Achieving Your Goals by Rick Warren

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Heart of Ukraine Ministries

Mark & Laura Bohannan, members of El Camino Baptist Church, have devoted their lives to run David’s House Rehabilitation Center in Vinnitsya Oblast Ukraine where they minister to the many needs of men in the area.

Thank you for your generous donations given to meet specific needs of Mark & Laura and their clients.

Pray for their safety and mission. Ukraine government is currently in an uprising and people are nervous and scare.

Mark & Laura Bohannan. To know more about us and our ministry
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