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Easter Lock In is Here! 4.21.19

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April 21, 2019

Easter Lock In is Here!

The Lock-In is tonight (or tomorrow night… I’m not quite sure when these things go live).  I am excited, overwhelmed, exhausted, inspired, ready and under prepared.  In any case, the fliers have been distributed and the students are coming.  We have put a ton of work into decorating, testing, and setting up the games.  A question that arises is why do we put the effort into these kinds of events?

We will grow closer by fellowship, nearer by worship, stronger by discipleship, kinder by ministry and bigger by evangelism. ECBC Youth Ministry Purpose Statement

Any event we do in the youth department is designed to fill one portion of our purpose statement, though most touch on more than one.  Our focus for the Lock-In is “closer by fellowship.”   Lock-Ins are meant to be an open door into the church.  Where someone may have strong feelings about attending a church service or bible study, they may be more inclined to attending a fun social event.  As a portion of the Lock-In we will be attending our church’s Good Friday service, so there will be a presentation of the Gospel, but that is not our focus.  Once we return to the youth room we will spend the rest of our 15 hour time simply hanging out and playing games together.  Our goal is that anyone who attends would be interested in coming back.  Street corner preaching is not as effective as relationship based evangelism, and so week seek to build relationships as a means of paving the way to reaching the lost for Christ.  Please pray for us, for those who come who don’t know Jesus, and for the adult staff that will be overseeing the craziness.  We could never have such a wonderful event were it not for Christ and our church family.

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Greg Horton
Youth Director