Realize the Cost of Not Giving All To God 10.28.18

Sunday's Message
October 28, 2018


The ancients believed that great tragedy could only happen to the nobility because only they can fall from the heights to the depths.  The lowly are already in the depths!  They also believed that all the tragic figures had a fatal flaw.  Thus in Shakespeare’s tragedies Hamlet suffered from procrastination, Macbeth from impatience, King Lear from pride and Othello from jealousy.

However, when Arthur Miller wrote Death of a Salesman he was insisting that the lowly man can also experience tragedy.  The protagonist Willy Loman suffered from an inability to find contentment.  He lived in a world of illusions because he couldn’t accept his lowly station in life.

We all have fatal flaws.  Whether rich or poor, noble or ignoble we all need to realize the cost of not giving everything to Jesus.  He crucified our sins and our sinful nature.  He was raised to give us a new nature.  In order to receive that new nature and to live through his power we must give everything to him (Luke 14:33).  Anything we hold back will be our fatal flaw. 

Sunday I’ll be preaching on “Realize the Cost of Not Giving Everything to God” from 1 Samuel 28:6-19 about the ghost of Samuel appearing to King Saul before he fights the Philistines.  Saul and Israel lost everything because they weren’t willing to give all to God.  However, God had chosen David, a man after his own heart, who would lead Israel to greatness instead of Saul.  And then there would come a son of David who would lead us into an everlasting abundant life.  Let’s give our all to him!  The rewards are eternal!  The cost of not doing so is tragic.

This Saturday at 7:00 a.m. we’ll have our Men’s Breakfast.  Todd Wallace, pastor of Good Shepherd Church, will give a devotion, Ron Holmes will lead our singing and I will lead in prayer time.  Plus we’ll have an incredible breakfast! Please invite as many men as possible.

Finally, thanks to all who helped with the Fall Festival, especially to the leader, Greg Horton.  The amount of work put into the event is staggering.  May the angels sing your praises for eternity!

Dr. Jim Meek