Receive Resurrection Power 4.15.18


Sunday's Message
April 15, 2018



On May 23, 2013 a dinner was held honoring the American prisoners from the Viet Nam War.  It was a celebration of a dinner that had been held at the White House forty years earlier when the POWs came home.  That was the largest White House dinner in history.  The attendance of 1,300 included the POWs, their families, President Nixon, Bob Hope as emcee, John Wayne and Irvin Berlin who wrote, “God Bless America.”  In fact, Berlin led the participants in the singing of his song.  One of the POWs was Alvarez, the first American prisoner taken in the war.  He had survived 8 ½ years of Viet Cong imprisonment!  One of the POWs said, “Courage is fear that says its prayers.”  These men coming home had been a kind of resurrection.  Their patriotism, love and endurance revealed American power at its best.

Sunday I’m preaching on “Receive Resurrection Power” from Luke 24:36-49.  Jesus told his disciples that they were to stay in Jerusalem until they received power from on high.  In other words, they were not to make a move without the Holy Spirit.  After living a life of dependence on the Holy Spirit they would be rewarded with a great Messianic Banquet (Luke 13:29)!

Jesus didn’t begin his ministry until the Holy Spirit came down on him at his baptism (Luke 3:22-23).

What makes us think we can do anything without the Spirit working through us?  Let’s let God love through us, work through us and enjoy life through us.  Come to worship Sunday and find out how to do that!  While you’re at it, please come at 9:00 for Sunday School.  We need you and you need us!


With love in Christ,
Dr. Jim Meek