People are fascinated with the royal wedding going on in England. There was a brief time when England had no king or queen. Oliver Cromwell was Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland from 1653 to 1658. The king had been beheaded by Parliament and eventually Cromwell was given the right to rule. He was fiercely dedicated to God and his word. When fighting against the Scots his battle cry was “The Lord of Hosts!” taken from Psalm 46:


                                                      The Lord of Hosts is with us,

                                                      The God of Jacob our refuge!


After a stunning victory in the early morning the sun began to rise over the North Sea. Cromwell was heard to say:


                                                        Now let God arise

                                                       And our enemies be scattered (Psalm 158).


Cromwell taught his troops to remember God. In a recent poll in England he was considered one of the ten greatest Britons of all time.


Sunday I will be preaching on “Remember God” from Judges 8:28-35. Israel was sinking into immorality after Gideon’s death because the people didn’t remember God. Our nation is taking the same path. Pray that God will use Sunday’s sermon to help us remember God’s heroes and remember the Lord. So often we emphasize the faults of our leaders, our military and those who lived in the past. The result is we have no heroes (unless they are fictional heroes who fly around in their underwear) or we imitate our heroes’ faults. Let us emphasize the positive traits of those who’ve gone before us and those who lead us today. And let’s remember God in his great mercy, love and power!


With love in Christ,

Dr. Jim Meek