September 9, 2018






When I was five years old my dad took me to a theater in downtown Shreveport, Louisiana to see Ben Hur. At that moment I fell in love with the Bible. Later we went back downtown to get my picture taken for the church newspaper because I was being honored for not missing a single day of Children’s Choir for three years. He told me I could pick out whatever toy I wanted at the downtown department store. I chose a chariot driven by a Roman soldier.


I remember my pastor preaching wonderful sermons from the Old Testament. I remember a Sunday School teacher who taught how Joshua divided and conquered the Holy Land. I remember going to a concert of Handel’s Messiah. I remember staring at the Biblical artwork by Michelangelo at the Sistine Chapel. I remember walking on Jerusalem’s walls and snorkeling in the blue Mediterranean over Solomon’s seaport at Dor. These and many more memories over the course of my life have added to my passion for God’s word.


This Sunday I’m preaching on “Teach & Learn the Word” from 2 Chronicles 17:5-9 wherein King Jehoshaphat sent officials, Levites and priests to teach Judah God’s word so the country would have success. People wonder today what will save our nation. Salvation will come when we teach, learn and apply the word through the Holy Spirit. Please come this Sunday to Bible Study and worship to help us in that quest.


With love in Christ,

Dr. Jim Meek