The Lord's Word to God's People 10.21.18

October 21, 2018
Youth Ministry Update

The Lord's Word to God's People


We’ve finished the Old Testament!  Malachi is only four chapters long, about a page and a half… read and enjoy!

Upcoming Lessons:

  • Sunday 10/21
    • Luke 13:31-35 – 14:1-6: Life and times of Jesus of Nazareth.
    • PDYM Part 1:  Who is our audience
  • Wednesday 10/24: The play, the play!

Event Updates:

  • Ignition: December 26-30
    • Second payment due by 10/31.

Prayer Requests:

  • Student Work Scholarship: We need work to do.  Please pray that people would be moved to assist our students in raising the money for Ignition.
  • Gratitude: I am not very good at expressing gratitude beyond those in front of me.  Please pray for me that I can be more appreciative of those who help from afar.  Our ministry would not exist were it not for God’s blessing through His church.


Greg Horton
Youth Director