The Whole Bible is Relevant to Us Today 8.12.18

August 12, 2018
The Whole Bible is Relevant to Us Today


Much of the Old Testament is focused upon the nation of Israel, and later Judah as well.  Why should we care what Israel did thousands of years ago?  Don’t we have Jesus?  Our God came to us told us His laws and teachings and provided the Holy Spirit to help us learn and follow.  We seem have a pretty clear picture of the character of God through the short life of Jesus, so why should we read about His dealings with the nation of Israel?

Besides the prophesies that validate Jesus, the example Jesus provided of being versed in scripture, and having a greater understanding of the history of God’s interaction on earth, we can use the trials of Israel as a character study for how God works in our own lives.  Nearly every story about the nations of Israel and Judah can be extrapolated into a parable with morals and principles that work on a personal level.  As the Israelites trusted God abundantly and crossed the Red Sea on dry land, so also may we participate in miracles when we trust God to work.  As the Israelites were continually warned and continually chose to follow other Gods, so too can we miss the clear warning signs God provides and choose our own downfall.  As the Jews returned from the Babylonian exile and rebuilt the things that made them feel like God was near, so too can we choose to interact with the things of God without being close to God Himself.

The Book of Joel is a perfect example of warnings for the nation in the past being warnings for the reader in the future.  Joel talks of destruction past, and how repentance is the way back to God.  He describes future destruction and how it can be averted by giving up wickedness and choosing God’s ways.  Joel describes Jesus’s promises of returning to defeat evil and restore Creation.  Each of these stories seem to provide us, the readers, with reminders for how we are to live our own lives.  These may have been written for Israel, but God doesn’t waste ink, so God made sure they still apply today.

Upcoming Lessons:

  • Sunday 8/12: Luke 12:13-21: “Where do we find our true value?”
  • Wednesday 8/15: The Book of Amos: “He can rebuild it, he has the technology.”

Event Updates:

  • August 29th: Fifth Wednesday, Youth Serves Dinner Fundraiser
  • September 15th-16th:  End of Summer Lock-In

Prayer Requests:

  • Focus: As we reach the end of summer vacation, we reach the end of the interest that summer fun holds.  We pray for focus and energy as we spend our days.
  • End of Summer Lock-In: God has placed a burden upon my heart that growth is coming.  I ask that you would pray for our faithfulness to depend on God when the challenges of growth come.

Greg Horton
Youth Director