Vision: Goal: Ideas: Plan: Start 4.22.18

April 22, 2018



“If your kids are not sharing their faith, you don’t need a bullhorn, you need a mirror” -Greg Steer

“Nobody limps into heaven, everybody runs” -Brent Crowe

“[I ask myself] what is the most loving thing I’m allowed to do.” -Bob Goff

“Discipleship is not a conveyor belt.” -Ben Trueblood

This last weekend, I was at the Youth Leadership Summit, provided by Student Leadership University, and hosted at Saddleback Church’s Lake Forrest Campus.  Each of the speakers I had the pleasure of listening to came with their own vision for what Youth ministry can and should be.  Their goal was to equip leaders to spread the Gospel to as many students as possible.  Their ideas on what to do were all different; some called for use of special curriculum, some for targeted ministry structures, each his own method for accomplishing their goal.  Each took their ideas and came up with a plan to follow and a place to start.  If I got anything out of this convention it was this strategy for leadership: Vision: Goal: Ideas: Plan: Start, oh, and cover every single step in copious amounts of prayer, praise and worship.  I find myself constantly at the Idea phase of the process, with every idea being essentially good.  Without a clear vision or concrete goal, I try to work on all the ideas, and end up pulled in all directions at once.  The vision God has given me is to reach youth with the Gospel and to help raise them to be functioning adults after Christ.  My goal is to reach and disciple 50 youth in 5 years.  To do that I need to disciple my leadership team, organize the department’s background work, get involved in the local schools, and much more.  Any idea that is not in line with my goal will be shelved, and prayer will cover my every decision.  I ask for your prayer and accountability along the way (I don’t bruise easily, if a shove in the right direction is what I need.)  Thank you for your support thus far!

Upcoming Lessons:

  • Sunday 4/22: Luke 9:37-43: Are we really that “unbelieving and perverse?”
  • Wednesday 4/25: Isaiah: Judgement is coming, can you hold onto hope?

Event Updates:

  • May 30th: Youth Cooks Wednesday Night Dinner!

Prayer Requests:

  • Summer Camp: It’s coming!  We’ve currently got three youth and two adults going, but we need the funds to go, and would love to bring more with us.  Please pray that more would come to join us and that we can afford to take them.
  • Consistency: My mind is mercurial, my body is unfocused, my spirit is wandering, my God is strong, and I pray that I would have greater focus upon him.
  • Arden Middle School: I am preparing to work with our neighborhood churches to make a concentrated effort to reach Arden Middle school.  I pray that the planning would be for God’s glory and not in vain, and that this may be His will and not ours.

Greg Horton
Youth Director