Walk in Heaven's Plan 3.11.18

Sunday's Message
March 11, 2018



Alexander the Great had a plan to conquer the world and unite all people.  He died in a drunken stupor.  Julius Caesar had a plan to unite the Roman world under his benign dictatorship.  He was murdered by Senators in public.  Napoleon planned on conquering Europe.  He died in bitter exile on the tiny island of Saint Helena off the coast of Africa.  All three of these men were brilliant planners but “the best laid schemes of mice and men” often go astray.  What we need to do is walk in heaven’s plan.  I’ll be preaching on that this Sunday from Matthew 16:13-19.

The first order of business is to know Jesus intimately.  He said in John 8:58 that before Abraham was “I am.”  That’s what the name of God means.  He was saying that he was the voice that spoke to Moses out of the burning bush.  I believe he was the one who walked with Adam and Eve in Eden during the cool of the day.  Jesus is an extension of God who has come to earth.  Thus he is the Son of God.  And he is Messiah – the Christ, the Anointed One, the long awaited prophet, priest and king.  Know him intimately.  Walk and talk with him.  Listen to him!  Love him passionately.    

Then, free people for heaven.  The keys that Jesus gave to Peter he gives to all his disciples.  He told Peter that he had the power to loosen what had already been loosed in heaven and to bind what had already been bound in heaven.  In Matthew 18:18 he gave that power to all the disciples.  Thus we all have the power through the Spirit of Christ to open heaven’s gates and invite people in.  Or, by ignoring people, we have the right to bind them from hearing the good news.  Let’s walk in heaven’s plans and bring people to Christ, nurturing them in the love of Christ.  Join us this Sunday as we learn how to do that.   

Bill Raiford passed away last Monday night.  He had been at Bible Study the previous Wednesday night.  When he had arrived everyone applauded.  He had also been in Sunday School last Sunday and worship.  On Monday he was able to eat at his daughter’s house.  Then he went home and quietly went to his ultimate home, heaven.  Join us for his Memorial Service at El Camino on Saturday, March 24, at 5:30.  Pray for his family, and honor a man who walked in heaven’s plan.

With love in Christ,
Dr. Jim Meek