Week of February 4, 2018

Our Vision:
To be a family of love reaching up to God and out to the world through effective worship, Bible study, outreach, mission support and ministry to the needy.

Our Aim:
To ensure that every aspect of the life, purpose, and work of our church will reflect and facilitate ...


What's happening [February 4 - 10]


Sunday's Message
February 4, 2018


The way we’ve been loving hasn’t worked.  Divorce is rampant.  We’re not bringing people to Jesus and we’re producing selfish children and grandchildren.  The old way of loving was to love our neighbors as ourselves.  This Sunday I’m preaching on “Love a New Way” from John 13:3-38.    

We’ll see Jesus at the Lord’s Supper table performing the task of the lowest, cheapest slave: washing feet.  When the disciples entered the upper room there should have been a slave to perform that task, but since there was none, one of the disciples should’ve taken it on.  I’m sure they looked around wondering who would demean himself by doing it.  Finally Jesus, Lord of the universe, got up and did it, thus showing them how to serve.  Then he said one of them would betray him.  He would then give them a new commandment, to love one another as he has loved them: without betrayal, through service and through the power of the Holy Spirit.  He didn’t begin his ministry until the Holy Spirit came upon him (Matthew 3:16).  He worked through the power of the Father (John 5:30).  This had been predicted in Isaiah 11:1-5.  He told them to wait for the Holy Spirit before they began their ministry (Acts 1:4-8).  Then they could love through God’s power and not their own.     

So let’s love a new way.  If we love on our own power we fail.  If we love through God’s power we have joy, we impact others and we can relax in his grace.  Join us Sunday as we learn to do that.

Men, join us Saturday at 7:00 as we have our monthly Men’s Breakfast.  We’ll eat, sing, pray and learn about how to love those closest to us.

With love in Christ,
Dr. Jim Meek



Sundays 9:00 am
Bible Study for Adults, Youth & Children

Sundays 10:30 am

Worship Celebration

Sundays 11:00 am
Children's Church

Wednesdays 6:30 pm
Bible Study for Adults, Youth & Children


Highlights of activities coming your way soon.

Feb      3 Men's Prayer Breakfast 7:00 am
Feb      5 Women of Courage Bible Study 7:00 pm
Feb      5 Spanish Bible Study 7:00 pm
Feb      8 Long Range Planning 5:30 pm
Feb     10 Ladies Fellowship Breakfast 8:30 am
Feb     11 Lord's Supper 10:30 am
Feb     11 Teachers Meeting 5:30 pm


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February is upon us! Already 8.5% of the way through the year, and still so much work to get done! I have been working with Cheyenne to clean up and clean out the Church so that we can shed some of the unnecessary items we have been holding onto. It’s fun to go through the youth room storage and see evidence of past events and games. I relish the memories I’ve had with past students and leaders, watching the youth group wax and wane as time has passed. I thank God that he provided those opportunities to grow along with our students. As I look at the plans the Lord is building, I know that we must start by cleaning up and letting go of what’s behind us. We are not bound to the objects we keep, nor the traditions of the past, but only to the will of our Lord Jesus Christ, and may we act in accordance with Him.

“Now listen, you who say, ‘Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make money.’ Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. Instead, you ought to say, ‘If it is the Lord’s will, we will live and do this or that.’ ”James 4:13-17 NIV

Upcoming Lessons:
• Sunday 2/4: Luke 8:1-15: “He who has ears… let him hear” (Luke 8:8), but are you listening?

• Wednesday 2/7: 1 & 2 Chronicles: Where does the king of your life lead you?

Event Updates:
• 2/14/2018: Café Valentino Serves Again!

• 2/17/2018: Prayer Walk and Picnic @ the Capitol

Prayer Requests:
• I am looking to build my leadership team to give my current volunteers some time to attend to their own growth. Please pray that people would have courage to join our team and that my team would have wisdom as we minister.

Greg Horton
Youth Director


Here is the take a meal sign up for Bill Raiford and family, per Betty's request this morning.

Tenille Stewart


LOOK AND SEE WHAT'S GOING ON                  

February 5, 2018 (every Monday)
7:00 pm
Suite B

Anyone interested in a Spanish Bible Study is invited to join us Every Monday Evening at 7 pm in Building 400 Suite B.


February 10, 2018 (the second Saturday of each month)
8:30 am
Fellowship Hall



Camp Alta Retreat for Ladies & Teen Girls
April 6-8, 2018
$150 per person
Contact Tenille Stewart for more details
(707) 287-7309 or register online at www.sacbaptist.org



February 11, 2018
5:30 pm
Suite E

We're having another Teachers' Meeting this Sunday night at 5:30 in Suite E.  Please come!  We need you and you'll benefit from the lesson.


With love in Christ,
Jim Meek




Each Friday from 3-5 pm Pastor Jim will lead a visitation team out into our community. If you are interested in joining us, show up at the church office no later than 2:50 pm.



Every Wednesday night
6:30 pm



Feb 24, 2018




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