What a wonderful June & July! 7.15.18

July 15, 2018

What a wonderful June and July!  So far, I have been with the team that went to Tijuana, Mexico, taken students to Centrifuge, and led four nights of Youth VBS.  I am exhausted and ready for a nap, but every single event I have been part of has been a wonderful and enriching experience.  As I type this up, I find myself both overwhelmed with stories I would love to share, and underwhelmed with my mental capacity to put together a cohesive thought…  I suppose this will just have to be a very short message, closing with the invitation for anyone interested to ask for stories in person.  Thank you, reader, for supporting our youth ministry with your prayers and offerings, we would not have nearly as much passion were it not for your love.  I thank God for you!

Upcoming Lessons:

  • Sunday 7/15: Luke 11:29-32 “What is the sign of Jonah?”
  • Wednesday 7/18: Guest Teacher: Jafet Estevez

Event Updates:

  • July 9th-13th: Game On! Vacation Bible School
  • September 15th-16th:  End of Summer Lock-In

Prayer Requests:

  • Safe Travels: My family and I will be flying to Guatemala this coming Sunday evening for a two week visit with Kim’s extended family.  Much of this family I have met over the years, but the countryside, I know nothing about.  Please pray for safe travels for myself and my family.
  • End of Summer Lock-In: God has placed a burden upon my heart that growth is coming.  I ask that you would pray for our faithfulness to depend on God when the challenges of growth come.

Greg Horton
Youth Director