Witness Through the Power of the Resurrected Lord 4.29.18




I started a church in Reno a few decades ago.  A young lady was going to our church.  I invited her to eat dinner with Nancie and me at our home.  I had attended an Evangelism Conference that day where I heard preaching about the need to share the Good News.  I came home pumped!  Nancie had the meal ready, and there was the young lady waiting for me.  With great enthusiasm I told the lady how to be saved and promptly scared her away!  She had come to our house to make new friends, and I unloaded the Good News on her.  I did it out of love, but I think I also did it in the power of my own flesh.  She never came back to our church. 


Sunday I’m preaching on “Witness through the Power of the Resurrected Lord” from Acts 1:1-11.  Jesus will warn his disciples not to leave Jerusalem until they receive the promise of the Father, the Holy Spirit.  Then they can let the Spirit witness through them.  When we learn to let the Spirit witness through us our witnessing becomes free, gentle and supernatural.  When we witness through our own power we become overbearing, insensitive, easily offended and frustrated.


As Jesus ascended into heaven the disciples stared in wonder, but some angels told them to quit standing around.  Just as he left, so he’ll return.  But meanwhile, there’s work to do, the work of changing the world forever through the power of the Good News and the resurrected Lord.  Let’s join the disciples in that noble work!


Sunday we’re having a Spring Celebration with Sunday School at 9:00, worship at 10:30, a potluck at noon and then basketball and volleyball for adults, youth and kids.  There’s lots of playground equipment and you can bring board games and lawn chairs.  Help us celebrate God’s beauty.  Bring friends and relatives.  Our celebration will be a great witness to the world as to who God is: a God worth celebrating!



Dr. Jim Meek