Words on Suffering 3.4.18

Message from the Youth Leader:

                The premise of the Book of Job is a bet between God and Satan over the faithfulness of the man Job who had lived a blameless life and been rewarded accordingly.  Satan bets that if Job lost everything that Job would “curse [God] to his face” (Job 1:11), and God takes him up on this bet.  As a young adult I always had trouble with the idea of God so carelessly allowing Job’s misfortune for the sake of a petty bet with Satan.  Did God care so little for Job that he would allow this suffering to occur over a bet?  This seemed like the Greek and Roman “gods” who’s feuds caused famines and floods, not the all-loving God of the Bible.  How could God allow an upright and righteous man to suffer?

                Our study last night focused upon the answer God provides to this question.  God responds to Job by asking how much Job knows; how broad is Job’s awareness; is Job in any position to make the claim that God was the cause for his misfortune.  If God operated with instant and severe justice for all the crimes committed against him, would any of us still be alive?  God wants for all his creation to choose Him and provides many second chances for this to occur.  All the while, bad decisions are still made, natural disasters still occur, Satan is still at work, and the consequences for these actions harm the good and evil alike.  God’s creation is composed of a complex set of relationships that we will not understand until we ask Him in heaven.  What God asks for us to do now is to trust that He is in charge, and that he “works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

Upcoming Lessons:

  • Sunday 3/4: Luke 8:26-39: Is knowledge equal to faith?
  • Wednesday 3/7: Psalms: Where to you get your delight?

Event Updates:

  • 2/16/2018; Family Game Night!
  • 3/30-31/2018, “Exit” the Lock-In!

Prayer Requests:

  • “God [please] grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”  I ask that you would pray this prayer for myself, my leaders, my students and their parents that we may all be grow as God wills.

Greg Horton
Youth Director