• February's Theme is LOVE
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Sunday's Message
February 17, 2019

Don't Have Destructive Love



The Othello In Shakespeare’s solider Iago is jealous of the Moorish Venetian general Othello who is married to the lovely Desdemona.  Iago tricks his wife into stealing Desdemona’s handkerchief that the Moor gave her when he was courting her.  Then he tells Othello that Desdemona had given it to the handsome Cassio.  When Othello asked his wife where the handkerchief was she was unable to produce it.  He, in a jealous rage, choked Desdemona to death.  At the end of the play he learns that Iago has been playing him for a fool.  He announces to his scribe, “Speak of the one that loved not wisely but too well.”  He then kills himself.

The tragedy is about jealousy but also about destructive love.  Sometimes our relationships are unwise and destructive.  Sunday I’m preaching on “Don’t Have Destructive Love” from Judges 16:4-21 about Samson being lured by Delilah and eventually robbed of his strength and blinded.  Even though we are to love everyone, we must have a special love for certain people whom God places in our lives in special roles.  Some people get into relationships that hurt their love for God and their fellow humans.  That’s why Jesus said not to cast pearls before swine (Matthew 7:6).  Let’s make sure we have proper love and evaluate what’s happening in our lives.  Let’s let God provide us with special relationships and let’s let him love through us for his glory.

Please come Sunday and help us learn to love with the love of Jesus.

With love in Christ,
Dr. Jim Meek 


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