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   December 2018   
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Sunday's Message
November 25, 2018


William Bradford was a year old when his father died.  When he was four his mother remarried and he lived with his grandfather.  When he was six his grandfather died so he went to live with his mom again.  When he was seven she died so he lived with uncles.  He got ill and spent time reading the Bible.  At the age of twelve he heard a Puritan preacher and it changed his life.  Later he made a storm-filled 65 day journey across the Atlantic aboard the Mayflower and landed at Cape Cod.  He went with some men to look for a place to settle.  When he came back he was told that his wife had fallen off the ship and had drowned.  In fact that first winter half the Pilgrims died at Plymouth Rock.  Nevertheless, Bradford served as governor for thirty years.  He led the struggling community into giving thanks to God through good times and bad.  After his death the colony went to war against the Native Americans.  Many colonists died and the Wampanoag tribe which had helped the pilgrims was wiped out.  The colony obviously missed their leader who had taught them to give thanks in all things.

November 25, I’m preaching on “Let the Thanks Keep Coming” from Colossians 4:2-10.  Paul was writing from a Roman imprisonment.  Nevertheless he insisted that the church in Colossae pray specifically with thanksgiving and that they live lives that reflect a spirit of thanksgiving.  We see in this passage that Paul had many friends upon whom he depended and that their lifestyles were a constant expression of thanksgiving.  As we end one America’s most gentle and wonderful holidays, let’s remember to keep thanking God and letting our lives be positive, loving and sacrificial, like those pilgrims who gave so much to build a great nation.

With love in Christ,
Dr. Jim Meek



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