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March 3, 2024

Tom Phillips was president of Raytheon at age 40.  Raytheon produced high tech equipment such as missiles, radar and satellites.  Even though Tom was quite wealthy and respected, he had a hollow place in his heart.  Then one day he was in New York during a Billy Graham Crusade.  He went to the event and ended up giving his life to Jesus.  That night as he walked the streets of New York, a city he never liked, he suddenly loved the city, and he loved life.

One day Tom shared his testimony with Charles Colson, who was Special Counsel to President Nixon.  Colson had that empty feeling in his heart that Tom had felt.  But it had never occurred to Colson to find an answer in spiritual things.  Tom gave his friend a copy of C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity.”  Colson read it and gave his life to Christ.  Even though Colson ended up serving time in prison for his part in the Watergate incident, he became one of the greatest reformers of prisoners of all time, and one of the greatest witnesses for Christ.  Both Tom and Chuck have impacted eternity by sharing something new that had happened to them. 

Sunday I’m preaching on “Share Something New” from Luke 5:27-39.  We’ll look at “Share a Life-Changing Call,” verses 27-28; “Share with Sinners,” verses 29-32; and “Share New News,” verses 33-39.  Please come and learn how you can change lives and eternity through the Holy Spirit.

On March 16, at 10:00 we’re having a one-hour class on sharing our faith.  We’ll look at how to share in ways that are appropriate for our personalities.  Then, those who wish, will go door-to-door in groups of two or three, to invite people to our Good Friday Service and Easter events.

May God give you a new life of love today!



Jim Meek


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