• November Theme: Give Thanks
  • Saturday November 9 . 8:30 am
  • Thursday November 14 . 6 pm . Cost $25
  • Saturday Nov 23 . 4:00 - 7:30 pm
  • December 13-15 . Guided Tours 7:00 - 9:00 pm


Sunday's Message
November 10, 2019



On March 15, 1783 the most important single meeting was held in the United States.  The Revolutionary War troops had not been paid because the new nation’s central government was too weak to provide the funds.  So, the troops were preparing a rebellion that would’ve destroyed the country.  The men were surprised when their commander, General Washington, walked into the meeting.  He had said he would not come.  But there he was.  He looked over a sea of angry faces of the men who had always loved him.  He told them of his sacrifice for his country.  Still they stared in anger.  Then he told them that the country would pay them in time.  Still they were angry.  Suddenly he remembered that he had in his pocket a letter from a Congressman promising them their pay.  As he reached for it, he realized he needed his spectacles.  His men never knew he wore glasses.  He said, “Pardon me.  I’ve not only grown gray but also almost blind in service of my country.”  When he said this the men started to weep.  This ended their rebellion.  Jefferson said that the morality of one man thus saved the nation.  This Monday we’ll honor General Washington and those troops, and all who have served in our nation’s Armed Services.

Sunday I’m preaching on “Thank the Nation’s Servants” from 2 Samuel 19:1-18 wherein David’s troops had defeated his rebellious son Absalom.  When he got news of the victory it gave him no joy because his son had gotten killed.  Finally, his nephew Joab told him that he better thank the troops or they would all desert him.  Therefore, I’ll talk about working through our grief (verses 1-6) and giving public thanks (verses 7-8).

Meanwhile let’s pray for our servicemen and women and for our nation.  The divide in our country troubles me.  But let’s pray that the Lord will bring a great revival so that we’ll be one nation under God.

With love in Christ,
Jim Meek


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