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April 21, 2024

The Fifth Crusade consisted of European Christians seeking to recapture the Holy Land for Christianity by first taking Egypt.  In 1219 the Egyptian Sultan, Malek al-Kamil, had offered a Byzantine gold coin to anyone who brought him the head of a Christian.  However, St. Francis crossed enemy lines to talk to the Sultan.  He was taken, beaten and bought to the Egyptian leader.  Francis said, “May the Lord give you peace!” 

The Sultan asked, “Who sent you?”

Francis said, “God sent me to tell you the way of salvation.”

The Sultan was impressed and kept Francis for a few days, offering him lavish gifts.  St. Francis said that he was under a vow of poverty, and only accepted a horn with which the Muslims were called to prayer.  You can see that horn in Assisi to this day!

The Sultan didn’t receive Jesus, but he made life easier for the Christian prisoners.  He even offered to let Christians rule in Jerusalem again, but the Crusaders wanted more, and were finally sent home in defeat.  Nevertheless, the Franciscans were allowed an eternal presence in the city of Jerusalem.

St. Francis sought to be a peacemaker.  This should be our goal.  Sunday I’m preaching on “By God Make Peace” from 1 Samuel 24:1-9 wherein young David seeks to make peace with the jealous King Saul.  We’ll look at “Trust God to Do Right,” verses 1-7; and “Make Peace,” verses 8-19.  Meanwhile, let’s pray for peace in our world, our nation, our homes, our church and our hearts.  And let’s let Christ’s peace flow from us into the world around us.


Jim Meek    



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