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Sunday's Message
July 14, 2019




In 1776 we declared our independence from Britain.  However, we still had to win it on the battlefield and in the diplomatic venues of Europe.  Finally, France joined our cause.  Then came Spain and the Dutch.  This forced Britain to divert forces to the Caribbean to protect its sugar plantations.  Therefore, in the battle for North America it concentrated on winning in the South where it was assumed there were many loyalists and rebellious slaves.  However, patriotic support was high even in the South, so the army of Cornwallis became desperate.  It traveled to Yorktown hoping to be supplied by a British fleet.  But the fleet was defeated by the French.  So, Cornwallis surrendered to Washington.  America became independent!  But follow up was required.  The new nation had to be goverened.

Congress formed the Articles of Confederation, but it made the national government too weak.  Thus a Constitution was formed.  But many Americans thought this gave the federal government too much power, so Madison proposed a Bill of Rights to assure the protection of individual freedom.

Thus, the nation’s birth wasn’t enough.  Follow up was needed to secure a working government that would allow for growth and prosperity.  Likewise, giving a person a new birth of freedom in Christ isn’t enough.  There has to be follow up to secure growth and spiritual prosperity.

Sunday I’m preaching on “See the Need to Follow Up” from Acts 15:36-41 wherein Paul asked Barnabas to help him follow up on the churches they’d started on their first missionary journey.  Barnabas wanted to take John Mark who would eventually write the book of Mark.  Paul didn’t want to take him because he’d quit during their previous journey.  Barnabas finally took Mark while Paul took Silas.  Thus, there were two missionary groups instead of one.  Likewise, as we follow up with people, we’ll need to work through disagreements so that God’s work can carry on.

I really appreciate all those who’ve worked so hard with Vacation Bible School.  Now let’s follow up on those who’ve come to know Christ and those who’ve been exposed to God’s word.  Let’s help them grow and prosper spiritually.

With love in Christ,              

                                                                                                                  Jim Meek



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