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July 25, 2021


John Adams considered becoming a minister, but his personality wasn’t conducive to bringing people peace, so he became a lawyer, a politician and the second President of the United States!  Nevertheless, he maintained a vibrant relationship with Jesus, and passed that on to his son.

Concerning the U.S. Constitution John Adams said,

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is inadequate to the government of any other. 

In other words, our form of government will only work if our people are moral and devoted to God. Without these factors people will only vote selfishly to fatten their wallets.  Then democracy will destroy the nation.

John Adams’ son, John Quincy Adams, the sixth President of the United States, wrote that the birthday of our nation is linked to the birthday of the Savior, that without Christianity our nation could not have been born and cannot be sustained.

This doesn’t mean that Christianity is the religion of our government.  This means that without the influence of Christianity, we have an ineffective government.  It means that without becoming a follower of Christ, we cannot be truly free.

This Sunday I’m preaching on “Be Free by Being a Slave to Christ” from Romans 6:14-23.  Augustine has been called the most brilliant Christian who ever lived.  Luther began the Protestant Reformation which freed Europeans from enslaving hierarchies.  The Wesley brothers started the Methodist denomination.  These men were set free by the book of Romans.  Please come this Sunday as I preach from this great book.  We’ll study 1) “Be Freed from Sin by Grace,” verse 14; 2) “Be a Slave to Righteousness,” verses 15-21; and 3) “Be Eternally Enslaved to God,” verses 22-23.

May God set you free from selfishness, anger, frustration, irritation, worry, loneliness, sinful habits, gossip, judgmentalism and inadequacy as you offer yourself as a slave to the liberating Christ!


Jim Meek

El Camino Baptist Church

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