• Theme for June : Let the Spirit Have Full Sway
  • July 8-12 . Vacation Bible School . Register Now
  • July 4th Parade (Mission Project) . Volunteer Now!
  • July 27 . Faith & Family Night Concert & Baseball . 4:30 pm . buy tickets now


Sunday's Message
June 23, 2019




In 1777 Congress appointed John Adams as commissioner to France after he’d served four years in the Continental Congress.  His wife, Abigail, and son, Johnny, had missed him and the family was losing money because John spent so much time serving the newborn nation.  Nevertheless, he always said yes when summoned by his country.  It was decided that Abigail couldn’t go with him to Paris but their ten year old son begged to go.  She agreed although the Atlantic crossing was dangerous in winter and especially dangerous during war against Britain, the greatest sea power in the world.  When Johnny got to Paris she wrote to him saying, “Remember you are accountable to your Maker for all your words and actions.”  Johnny took those words to heart.  After his dad had become second President of the U.S., he would become its sixth.  But the family remembered to put God first.  Serving their nation was one of the ways they served God.

Sunday I’m preaching on “Make It All about God” from 1 Peter 1:1-9 wherein the leader of the disciples writes about being chosen by God, blessing God and rejoicing with God.  We’re tempted to make everything about us.  That makes us selfish and miserable.  But when we make everything about God we’re free to rest in his grace and to minister to others through his power. 

Please make it all about God this Sunday and come to Sunday School at 9:00 and worship at 11:00.  This Saturday is a yard sale to help fund our mission trips and Vacation Bible School for adults, youth and children.  This Sunday night at 6:00 is our semi-annual business meeting.  Everyone is invited as we make everything about God!

Jim Meek



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July 4th Parade

El Camino Baptist Church

4th of July Parade

This year we are entering a float in the Carmichael 4th of July parade. We are looking for people interested in walking in the parade or riding on the float. We will be promoting VBS by handing out candy and flyers to the viewers. 

Date: 07/04/2019 (Thu.)

Time: 8:00am - 1:00pm PDT

Location: Fair Oaks Blvd & Marconi Blvd



River Cats Game

July 27
RiverCats Game for
Faith & Family Night

Cost: $10 per person. Contact Jafet to reserve your seat (916) 223-6524.     
There will be a concert at 4:45 followed by speakers and, of course, baseball! The night will end with fabulous fireworks!!

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