• Theme for September: Peace
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Sunday's Message
September 15, 2019




In April, 1961 the CIA secretly supported a brigade of 1,500 anti-communists as they invaded the Cuban Bay of Pigs to establish a new government.  A battle ensued.  The brigade was outnumbered 10 to 1 and the expected uprising in support of the invasion fizzled.  President Kennedy was supposed to back the brigade with planes and weaponry but he feared another world war, so the invasion was defeated in three days.  In reaction the Soviets sent missiles to Cuba to defend it.  In October, 1962 the U.S. learned that these missiles were only 90 miles from Florida.  JFK negotiated with the Soviet leader Khrushchev.  The U.S. agreed to remove its missiles from Turkey if the Soviets would remove theirs from Cuba.  Plus, the U.S. promised to never invade Cuba without provocation, and a nuclear hotline between Moscow and Washington was established.  Peace was secured.  America breathed a sigh of relief because wisdom brought peace.

Sunday I’m preaching on “Find Peace through Wisdom” from James 3:13-18.  We’ll talk about proving wisdom through peaceful deeds, and making sure wisdom is purely peaceful.  Wisdom means knowing what to do in a given situation.  But that wisdom must produce peace.  A wise spouse brings peace into a marriage.  A wise parent brings peace into a home.  A wise worker brings peace into a workplace.  A wise church member brings peace into a church.  A wise human finds peace with his creator and fellow humans.

Saturday the women are having a breakfast at 8:30.  Then, from 9:00 till noon we’re all invited to work on the Nativity.  We’re going to get the scenes, costumes and props out of storage and make sure everything is ready for the big event December 13-15.  Please come and work with us.  It will be fun and it will help us spread the news of peace on earth, goodwill toward men!


Jim Meek


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