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August 9, 2020


There have been some changes in the Roman Catholic Church throughout the centuries.  After Luther was excommunicated, a Protestant Reformation exploded upon the scene with hordes of people protesting the abuses in the Catholic Church.  So, the Church enacted a Counter Reformation in 1545. 

In 1962 Vatican II began, which allowed native languages in worship, urged laypeople to study Scripture, stated that Scripture was the primary source of divine truth, promoted Christ as the one mediator and discouraged prayers to saints.  In essence, the Roman Catholic Church grew in grace.  It grew in the concept that mankind must live by grace and offer grace to others.

Sunday I’m preaching on “Grow in Grace” from 2 Peter 3:10-18.  I’ll talk about 1) “Grow in Light of Christ’s Coming” (verses 10-16) and 2) “Grow in Grace and Knowledge” (verses 17-18).  Growing in grace (learning to depend more and more on God’s grace) is essential for the Christian, and it’s wonderful!  

We’re holding Sunday School at 9:00 in the cool shade so that you can come, but we’ll also livestream.  Then, at 10:30, we’ll livestream our worship service.  Also, Wednesday night at 6:30 we’ll meet in the shade for “Commit ACTS with Facts.”  We’ll livestream that and our devotions at 10:00 Tuesday through Saturday.  Catch us on Facebook, or belatedly on our website.

We had a wonderful Men’s Breakfast last Saturday.  We’ve enjoyed seeing people who have been showing up for our events.  We also appreciate those who give and pray.  Your grace towards us is exemplary.  Thanks for reflecting God’s grace!  Now, let’s grow in grace!


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