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September 25, 2022

In 1505 a 22-year-old man traveled on the outskirts of a Saxon village.  A storm suddenly arose and a bolt of lightning knocked him to the ground.  In terror he cried, “St. Anne, help me!  I’ll become a monk!”  He became a devoted monk.  He served God with all his strength, but he actually hated God for being a cruel tyrant.  His name was Martin Luther.  His superior, Staupitz, told him he must teach the Scripture in the University.  Luther said he wasn’t worthy. Staupitz said that he must teach the Scripture so that he could learn about God the redeemer.  As Luther studied Scripture, he realized that God had sent his son to provide salvation as a gift.  Luther used this information to bring about the Protestant Reformation wherein people protested the legalism of the Catholic Church.  This changed the world forever.  People began to learn from Jesus rather than from the dogma of a church, and it provided the basis for modern democracy.

Sunday I’m preaching on “Learn from Jesus,” from Matthew 11:20-30.  We’ll talk about “Learn from What Jesus Has Done,” verses 20-24; and “Learn Humbly from Jesus,” verses 25-30.  Jesus insisted that his works proved who he is, and showed the need to repent.  He also insisted that if we humble ourselves before him that he will give us rest now and forever.  Please come Sunday at 10:30 and learn from Jesus with us.  Also, we have wonderful Bible studies for all ages at 9:00.

Thank God for the rain!  He answers prayers!  Let’s continue to pray for those suffering in our church, our city, nation and the world.


Jim Meek


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Deacon of the Week

of the Week

Have a prayer concern and need someone to pray with you urgently?

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Deacon of the Week
Mark Schrokosch
Phone: (916) 952-7047

TeamKid - Registration

TeamKID is a fun, high-energy ministry that encourages kids to know Jesus Christ and to grow in a relationship with Him.


KID stands for Kids in Discipleship!


All parts of TeamKID - Bible stories, Scripture memory, mission

activities, life application, and games - connect to teach life lessons to kids.

This program is for Kids and Little Kids 3 y.o. (by 9/1) through 5th grade!


TeamKID meets Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 7:45p. Breaks for holidays included.


Cost (for handbook and T-shirt): $20 per participant

Financial assistance available

Register here:  TeamKid Registration




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Life Group (Small Group Bible Studies)

El Camino Baptist Church
Life Group Bible Study
Mission and Vision

Our vision at El Camino Baptist Church is to help our people become true disciples of Christ in the simplest way possible by helping them Love, Grow, and Serve.


Love – Love God, neighbor, and the un-reached world


Grow – in likeness of Christ through the fellowship of the church


Serve – Being affirmed in their gifts and call, members take on opportunities to serve on ministry teams, our community, and serve local and foreign missions


Generosity runs throughout these as a virtue to endorse and give the church its mission.


Our Life Group Bible Study Ministry fits into the second of those components, Grow. We need to be immersed in the truth and held accountable for growing by God’s people in fellowship with one another in a weekly Life Group Bible Study.


As the members of our Life Group Bible Studies grow, we will grow in the other two areas , Loving God, our neighbors, and the unreached world, and Serving in ministry at El Camino Baptist Church, our community, and  missions.


If you would like to host or facilitate a Life Group, please contact our Life Group Director, Carl Turner by email, carl@elcaminobaptist.org, calling the church office, (916) 488-1522, or click here to complete the Life Group Interest Form.

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