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August 7, 2022

Robert Downey, Jr. was a successful actor.  However, he became undependable and a criminal from drug usage.  He made the movie, “Restoration,” about a young court doctor for King Charles II of England who became monarch during the Restoration after Parliamentary rule.  Soon, the doctor fell from favor and was cast out of court.  This caused him to change and become a serious physician helping the masses overcome the plague.  After making this movie, Downey went into serious rehab and became a new person.  With help from a fellow rehab actor, Mel Gibson, Downey’s career soared to new heights, playing such roles as Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes.

Sunday I’m preaching on “Be Restored to Your Purpose,” from 2 Samuel 19:1-15.  We’ll look at “Climb Out of Your Grief,” verses 1-7; and “Get Back to Your Place,” verses 8-15.  King David’s son threw David off the throne, then was killed in battle.  David had to overcome his grief and take his place in the kingdom again.  Likewise, we need to work through our grief and take our place again in society, our family, our church and the kingdom of God.  Please worship with us Sunday and help us be restored.

Saturday at 8:00 is our Men’s Breakfast.  Come and get some physical, mental and spiritual restoration!


Jim Meek


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Deacon of the Week

of the Week

Have a prayer concern and need someone to pray with you urgently?

Need to speak to someone about spiritual issues right away?

Have a family emergency, and need assistance?

Want to share a praise with someone?

Our Deacon of the Week is there for you! Please contact him at the number below:

Deacon of the Week
Mark Schrokosch
Phone: (916) 952-7047


Wednesday, August 10th, 6:30—7:30 pm Join us for a devotional and fun! Youth and Kids Nerf Day! 6:30-7:30 pm meet in the Children’s Department!

Questions? See Colleen Ishimaru



Women’s Prayer Breakfast
August 13th
9:00 am

In the Fellowship Hall

Come enjoy breakfast, a devotional and prayer

Questions? Please contact the church office


Coming Events

August 10th - Youth and Children "Nerf Night"

August 20th - Family Beach Day!

August 21st - Youth Super Sunday

August 31st - Youth prepare Wednesday Night Dinner


Youth Family Beach Day
Saturday, August 20th, 9 am
Folsom Lake SRA,
Douglas Entrance

Meet at Folsom Lake “Main Beach” at 9 am, $12 per car upon entry. Don’t forget, swimsuit, beach towel, beach toys, umbrellas and grub!

Questions, please see Greg Horton or Tonja Cosma


Life Group (Small Group Bible Studies)

El Camino Baptist Church
Life Group Bible Study
Mission and Vision

Our vision at El Camino Baptist Church is to help our people become true disciples of Christ in the simplest way possible by helping them Love, Grow, and Serve.


Love – Love God, neighbor, and the un-reached world


Grow – in likeness of Christ through the fellowship of the church


Serve – Being affirmed in their gifts and call, members take on opportunities to serve on ministry teams, our community, and serve local and foreign missions


Generosity runs throughout these as a virtue to endorse and give the church its mission.


Our Life Group Bible Study Ministry fits into the second of those components, Grow. We need to be immersed in the truth and held accountable for growing by God’s people in fellowship with one another in a weekly Life Group Bible Study.


As the members of our Life Group Bible Studies grow, we will grow in the other two areas , Loving God, our neighbors, and the unreached world, and Serving in ministry at El Camino Baptist Church, our community, and  missions.


If you would like to host or facilitate a Life Group, please contact our Life Group Director, Carl Turner by email, carl@elcaminobaptist.org, calling the church office, (916) 488-1522, or click here to complete the Life Group Interest Form.

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