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January 16, 2022

The Mongol, Genghis Khan, conquered the largest contiguous land empire in history.  It stretched from the Pacific to the Mediterranean.  His grandson, Kublai Khan, was visited by Marco Polo’s dad and uncle.  The Khan told them he wanted the Pope to send 100 missionaries who could teach him the ways of Christianity and Western science.  When the Polos got back to Europe, they discovered that the Pope had died.  The new one, Gregory X would send only two Dominicans.  They traveled with the two Polos and the young Marco.  When they got to the Eastern Mediterranean, the Dominicans fled.  The three Polos pressed on, however.  Kublai was so impressed with Marco that he made him an official in the empire.  Marco ended up writing memoirs that changed the course of history.  But think how different the world might have been if the Pope had sent 100 missionaries who could have brought the Mongolians to Jesus!  The Mongols were the most dreaded warriors in the world!  All of Asia could’ve come to know the love of Christ if those missionaries had been sent!  Similarly, we miss opportunities to tell people about Christ’s love for us.  Our negligence impacts eternity!

Sunday I’m preaching on “Have a Fresh Witness,” from Psalm 40:1-10.  We’ll talk about “Wait for God,” verses 1-2; “Have New Praise,” verses 3-8; and “Speak of God’s Faithfulness,” verses 9-10.  David was a powerful witness for God as he publicly praised God and let the nations know of God’s greatness.  We can likewise praise God with fresh vigor, and give a fresh witness of how wonderful God is to us.  Like David, we go through hard times, but that can be a springboard into deeper praise (2 Corinthians 12:9-10).

Don’t forget that January 29, at 9:30 we’ll have a class on “How to Witness to People of Other Faiths.”  We’ll help you keep your witness fresh!  (This class won’t be livestreamed or recorded.)


Jim Meek


Facebook Livestream:  https://www.facebook.com/elcaminobaptistchurch/videos





Deacon of the Week

Deacon of the Week

Have a prayer concern and need someone to pray with you urgently?

Need to speak to someone about spiritual issues right away?

Have a family emergency, and need assistance?

Want to share a praise with someone?

Our Deacon of the Week is there for you! Please contact him at the number below:

Deacon of the Week – Stephen Jarrett
Phone: (916) 869-0634


Men's Ministry Family BBQ and Game Night

Men’s Ministry Family BBQ and Game Night

Everyone, come for a fun BBQ and Family Game Night!
Bring your board games!

Friday, January 21st, 5:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall.

Please RSVP to JD Rienks, jdrienks@gmail.com, Jafet Estevez, hestevez.he@gmail.com or the church office, office@elcaminobaptist.org

Questions, please contact JD (619) 772-2704, Jafet (916) 223-6524, or call the church office (916) 488-1522.




Join us as we initiate this quarterly Deacon Led Prayer Meeting.

We'll be praying through our Intercessory Prayer Team Prayer Guide in small groups each led by a deacon.

Please do all that you can to be there at 6 pm in the Worship Center. The focus will be prayer!

Questions? Please contact Carl Turner in the church office, carl@elcaminobaptist.org, (916) 488-1522


How to Witness to People in other Faiths
January 29th
9:30 am

Learn to share with people of other denominations and religions This is practical but also a great learning experience.
It will not be livestreamed or recorded



Ladies, are you looking for a small group Bible Study to attend in this New Year?

Join the Ladies Life Group on Tuesdays at 1 pm in the Church Office Conference Room. They will begin a new study on January 11th on the Book of Ruth.

Please contact Willa Gross, waber94123@aol.com, or call the church office, (916) 488-1522

Adult Bible Study Course

Adult Bible Study on Mentoring and Discipleship
beginning February 6th, 9 am, Room 235

"'Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.'" - Matthew 28:19-20

Ever wonder how you can fulfill "The Great Commission" in the church and the world today? Join us for this six-week study on Mentoring in the Church in our Adult Bible Study beginning February 6th at 9 am in building 200, room 235. Bring your Bible, and discover how you can be a part of this "Great Commission!"

Please contact Carl Turner if you are interested so he can prepare accordingly. (916) 488-1522, carl@elcaminobaptist.org

Life Group (Small Group Bible Studies)

El Camino Baptist Church
Life Group Bible Study
Mission and Vision

Our vision at El Camino Baptist Church is to help our people become true disciples of Christ in the simplest way possible by helping them Love, Grow, and Serve.


Love – Love God, neighbor, and the un-reached world


Grow – in likeness of Christ through the fellowship of the church


Serve – Being affirmed in their gifts and call, members take on opportunities to serve on ministry teams, our community, and serve local and foreign missions


Generosity runs throughout these as a virtue to endorse and give the church its mission.


Our Life Group Bible Study Ministry fits into the second of those components, Grow. We need to be immersed in the truth and held accountable for growing by God’s people in fellowship with one another in a weekly Life Group Bible Study.


As the members of our Life Group Bible Studies grow, we will grow in the other two areas , Loving God, our neighbors, and the unreached world, and Serving in ministry at El Camino Baptist Church, our community, and  missions.


If you would like to host or facilitate a Life Group, please contact our Life Group Director, Carl Turner by email, carl@elcaminobaptist.org, calling the church office, (916) 488-1522, or click here to complete the Life Group Interest Form.

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