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September 27, 2020


In 1957 the most famous person in America was drafted.  Elvis had easy jobs offered him by the various military branches but he chose to enter the army and go the rout of other draftees.  He was assigned to be a truckdriver in Germany, but the German girls were constantly after him!  In any case, his being in the army inspired the musical, Bye, Bye, Birdie, that opened on Broadway in 1960. In it a rock star named Conrad Birdie (evocation of Conway Twitty!) was drafted to the distress of American teenyboppers. His sponsors had a contest.  The winner could give Birdie one last kiss on The Ed Sullivan Show before he went to serve.  The winner was a girl in Sweet Apple, Ohio.  Birdie went there and sang “Honestly Sincere” in the local nightclub.  The females fainted, including the mayor’s wife.  In that song Birdie sings,

You gotta be sincere! You gotta be sincere!
You gotta feel it here cause if you feel it here,
Well, then you’re gonna be honestly sincere.

Our life must be centered not around the king of rock and roll but the King of Kings.  He tells us that we’ve got to be sincere.  Sunday I’m preaching on “You Gotta Be Sincere” from Matthew 6:1-15.  This is from Jesus’ great Sermon on the Mount where he states that we must 1) “Sincerely Give” (verses 1-4), 2) “Sincerely Pray” (verses 5-13) and 3) “Sincerely Forgive” (verses 14-15).  This is the last sermon on my series on “Have a Noble Character” in the month of September.  The Sermon on the Mount is a wonderful place to end a series on building character because the ultimate Noble Character tells us how to be noble.  Please join us for this important lesson.

Keep faith in God as we continue to pray for cessation of the fires and COVID.  May God bless us richly as we gather for Wednesday night Bible Study, Sunday School and worship!  Of course, we continue to livestream these events as well as devotions at 10:00 Tuesday through Saturday.  Let’s be sincere as we participate, knowing that God will reward our sincerity for eternity!



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