About Us

We are a family of God commited to reaching up to God and out to the world through effective Bible Study, outreach, mission support, and ministry to the needy.

Connecting Our Hearts to God


Worship & Prayer

Living in Communtiy

We believe Jesus desires us  to live a life that reflects the same unity between Him and the father, so we choose to love, support and encourage one another.

Growing Spiritually

We believe through studying and living in obedience to God's Word we bring honor and glory to God in every aspect of our lives.

Showing God's Love

We believe God has chosen us to be a channel of his love, so we choose to cultivate relationships and serve everyone.

Sharing God's Love

We believe God loves everyone, so we choose to tell Jesus' story at every opportunity.

We’d Like You to Receive Christ:

1. Realize that God loves you and offers a wonderful plan for your life (John 10:10).

2. Realize that our sin separates us from God and leads to death (Romans 3:23).

3. Realize that Jesus died for us and  was raised from death (Romans 5:8; 1 Corinthians 15:3-4).

4. Invite Christ to come in and be your Lord and Savior (John 1:12; Romans 10:9).

5. Make your decision public and follow up with baptism (Matthew 10:32; Romans 6:4).


How to Have the Life God Intended for You


El Camino Baptist Church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention:  http://www.sbc.net

We are also affilated locally with the Sacramento Regional Baptist Network:  https://www.sacbaptist.org/

We are also a part of the California Southern Baptist Convention:  https://www.csbc.com/