Building and Grounds Committee

Building and Grounds Committee


Principle Function: To serve and represent the church in matters relating to care, maintenance, needs of, and future requirements for church property, facilities and grounds.

Accountability: Accountable to the Church Membership.

Basic Requirements:

  1. Be an active member of the church in accordance with the church’s bylaws.
  2. Understanding of the church’s purpose, vision and core values.


  1. Work with church staff in preparing and presenting to the Finance Committee an annual budget proposal for resources.
  2. Annually evaluate church buildings and grounds to determine needed maintenance and upgrade and make necessary recommendations to the church. Coordinate and oversee approved work.
  3. Evaluate church needs for long-term property and space needs, and relative financial impact, and make necessary recommendations to the church.
  4. Evaluate parking upkeep and needs for the church, assess relative financial impact, and recommend to the church any needed repair, upgrade, expansion or adjustments. Oversee approved work.
  5. When necessary, assist the staff in the acquisition of equipment and furnishing needed to conduct church ministry.
  6. Assess the need for the purchase of additional property, assess relative cost(s), and make appropriate recommendations to the church.
  7. Stay abreast of and evaluate property insurance needs and make appropriate recommendations to the church.
  8. Should the church enter into a building program, serve as the coordinating, managing and evaluating body for all related work and functions (i.e. employment of an architect, reviewing and recommending building plans, oversee constructions, etc).
  9. Assist the Maintenance Superintendent in the performance of his duties.
  10. Organize and lead an annual church clean-up day. 

Workflow Management: Building and Grounds is required to contact and inform Senior Pastor/Staff, Finance, Personnel or Long Range Committee or Chairman of request or report for change before action is taken.

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