Missions Committee

Missions Committee


Principle Function: Leading in promoting and providing mission education, awareness and involvement in missions activities and outreach within the community.


Accountability: Accountable to the church.


Qualifications: Each member must…

  1. Be familiar with the Cooperative Program of the SBC.
  2. Have an expressed heart for the lost and for the Great Commission as demonstrated in personal witnessing, missions support, and missions involvement.

Responsibilities: The Committee shall:

  1. Review and respond to any missionary correspondence.
  2. Research, provide and publish mission opportunities to the Church.
  3. Assist individuals and groups desiring to do short-term or long-term mission trips.
  4. Set, publish and promote Church goals in denominational mission emphases and offerings (Lottie Moon – Christmas, Annie Armstrong – Easter, California Mission Offering – September).
  5. Plan, coordinate and lead in local, community-oriented missions/outreach. (Examples: VBS, etc.)
  6. Plan, conduct, or assist groups in planning and conducting missions education.
  7. Oversee the missions budget to ensure funds are dispersed equitably, uniformly, and within the constraints of the Church’s budget.

Workflow Management: Missions team is required to inform Senior Pastor/Staff of any changes or updates to calendared events.


If you are interested in serving on this committee, please click on the image below and complete the form.