Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee


Principle Function: To serve the church and the Senior Pastor by seeking people to serve the church’s committees and ministry teams.

Membership: Five elected voting members, each serving three year terms; pastoral staff (as ex officio members).

Accountability: Accountable to the church, ministry teams and church staff.

Basic Requirements: To be familiar with staff, leadership and ministry roles of the church and ECBC Policy and Procedure booklet.


  1. Become familiar with the purposes, responsibilities, and goals of all church officers, ministry teams, and committees in order to effectively and wisely select candidates.
  2. Ensure a balanced rotation on and off committees by assessing each standing committee’s needs each September (members are elected for three-year intervals).
  3. In coordination with the pastoral staff, assess and prioritize the needs of the Church.
  4. Pray about each position, seeking God’s leadership in selecting candidates for service.
  5. Coordinate and assign liaisons within committee to follow up with ministry leaders, chairman, etc., in the search and approval for potential candidates.
  6. Use the following process as a guide:
  • Screen potential candidates before they are invited to serve by assessing their gifts, spirituality, commitment, and understanding of the church’s vision, core values, purpose, and goals.
  • When inviting the individual, provide him/her with a position description.
  • Ask them to pray about their response before making it then get back with them.
  • If the people accept the invitation, then make sure they will commit to faithful service.
  • Present the proposed leadership candidates to the Church for election according to the Church’s bylaws. Meetings are held in December and June.

Workflow Management: Nominating is required to inform Staff and Chairman of Committee on recommendation and wait on approval before proceeding with onboarding of new team member.


If you are interested in serving on this committee, please click on the image below and complete the form.