Personnel Committee

Personnel Committee


Principle Function: To represent the church in matters relating to management and administration of all employed personnel.

Accountability: Accountable to the Church Membership and Financial Management Team.

Membership: Five elected voting members, each serving three-year terms; the Church Treasurer (as a voting member); pastoral staff (as ex officio members).

Basic Requirements:

Being familiar with church bylaws and Policy and Procedure booklet.


  1. Work with the Senior Pastor and/or his designee in forecasting the need for additional staff members.
  2. Develop, recommend, and maintain a personnel policy and procedural manual.
  3. Develop and recommend a salary-benefits plan for the church.
  4. Annually evaluate and submit a budget proposal for raises, benefits, promotions, etc. by the fall deadline that Stewardship Committee sets.
  5. Write job descriptions for staff and ministry leaders in cooperation with the Senior Pastor and/or his designee.
  6. Work with the Senior Pastor and/or his designee, in locating, interviewing, and recommending additional church staff.
  7. In cooperation with the Senior Pastor and/or his designee, conduct an annual job performance review of all pastoral and employed staff.
  8. Serve as a mediation group for any irresolvable personnel and/or disciplinary issues.

Workflow Management: Personnel is required to inform the Senior Pastor, Staff or Stewardship Committee or Long-Range Committee of planned action with an execution date so that the other committees can plan accordingly.


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