Finance Committee

Finance Committee


Principle Function: To lead the church in budget planning, promotion, subscription, and administration.

Accountability: Accountable to the Church Membership.

Membership: Five elected voting members, each serving five year terms; the Church Treasurer (as a voting member); pastoral staff (as ex officio members).

Basic Requirements:

  1. An understanding of and support for the vision, core values, and goals of El Camino.
  2. An understanding of the budgetary procedures of El Camino and an understanding of the Cooperative Program of the SBC.


  1. Ensure a balanced rotation on and off the Committee by notifying the Nominating Committee of its needs each September (members are elected for three-year intervals).
  2. Developing the budget.
  3. Direct annual budget preparation by analyzing past, current, and future giving patterns.
  4. Receive budget requests from ministry leadership areas.
  5. Present a proposed budget to the Church Council and Church for review.
  6. Present a finalized budget to the Church for adoption no later than December of each year.
  7. Administering the budget.
  8. Tracks budget expenditures by comparing with income.
  9. Approve large budget expenditures.
  10. Recommends needed adjustments to the budget.
  11. Requests regular audits of financial records.
  12. Finance Education.
  13. Works with Senior Pastor and Pastor Assistant in developing and administering a continuing finance education.
  14. Keeps membership informed of Cooperative Program, and state and local missions support.

Workflow Management: Finance Committee is required to notify Senior Pastor/Staff, Church Council and/or any other Committee directly impacted on change or request or opportunity for church budget.


If you are interested in serving on this committee, please click on the image below and complete the form.